• PPS Teachers Matter!
    Every day PPS teachers make a huge investment in the lives of their students. Beyond their time in the classroom, teachers arrive early to prepare lessons and stay late to meet with students and support after-school activities. Teachers build lasting relationships with students, motivating them to achieve great things long after they've graduated. 
    Teachers deserve to be celebrated every day, but Teacher Appreciation Week (May 4-6) provides a special opportunity for students, parents, and community members to thank teachers for their contribution to the future of Pittsburgh's children! 
    Want to thank a PPS teacher?
    • Log on to http://www.tinyurl.com/PPSTeachersMatter to send a note to all your favorite teachers!
    • Post on Facebook and Instagram, or Tweet your appreciation for a teacher with their name and school with #PPSTeachersMatter. For example, if your teacher is Mrs. Smith, you can say something like: "Shout-out to #MrsSmithBrashear #PPSTeachersMatter."
    • Print and complete a Kudos Note and tell your teacher (or your child's teacher) how much he or she makes a difference. 
    Be generous with your shout-outs. Pittsburgh Public Schools teachers are the best!