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    On Behalf of the Student Service Department we want to extend
    a heartfelt greeting to all of our Obama Eagles and families.
    WE MISS YOU and want to assure you that we are here to support you. 
    As we embark upon these unprecedented times we find ourselves making
    adjustments from the familiar school day to a new Remote Learning
    system which is an unfamiliar adjustment. Please know that
    The Student Service Department will continue to be your resource
    center and help you achieve your academic, career, social and personal goals. 
    Please take care of yourselves and look out for your family and friends
    by remembering to follow the Covid-19 Virus rules.
    • Wash your hands for 20 seconds.
    • Clean and disinfect touched surfaces.
    • Practice social distancing.
    • Wear a Mask.


    If/when communicating with a student outside of school hours, please contact the appropriate agency, along with 911, who can/will do wellness checks and deploy to the home if assessed, as necessary:
    Resolve Crisis Network- 1800-796-8226
    National Suicide Prevention Hotline- 1800-273-8255   Can also use chat button online (https://suicidepreventionlifeline.org)
    Teen Talk National Hotline- 1800- TLC- TEEN or text: teen to 839863
    The Trevor Project Hotline (for LGBTQ)- 1-866- 488-7386 or text:  START to 678-678

    Obama Academy Student Service Department


    • Academic Counseling
    • College/ Career Planning
    • Referral Services for Students and Families
    • Attendance Monitoring
    • Conflict Mediation
    • Academic Supports
    • School Enrollments/ Transfers/ Withdrawals
    • Scheduling Questions/ Concerns 

    Welcome to the Barack Obama Academy of International Studies Student Services web page! The purpose of this page is to keep students, parents and community members informed of our activities, programs and services offered in the counseling department. Our doors are open, students are encouraged to see the counselors or social worker as needed.  

    Student Services Mission Statement

    The Barack Obama Academy of International Studies Student Services program will provide all students with the academic, career, and personal/social development needed to acquire the attitudes, knowledge and skills needed to become well-rounded, globally competitive, compassionate, and confident life learners to live fulfilling lives as responsible and resilient members of society. Our school counselors and social worker will collaborate with the education team, advocate for improved student learning, and lead efforts for systemic change.

    Vision Statement

    The students at the Barack Obama Academy of International Studies will be well-balanced, high achieving students who graduate college and career ready, principled, reflective, and inquirers meeting challenges and high expectations of the 21st century.  All students will participate in a rigorous curriculum for self-directed personal growth supported by the Student Services program that facilitates partnership with the family and community.  As open-minded, knowledgeable thinkers and risk-takers, our caring students will achieve their fullest potential, making a positive difference in our school and community.


    The school counseling program is an integral and crucial component of the total educational program and serves as a major link in achieving the mission and goals of the Pittsburgh Public School system.  School counselors and the social worker have the potential to make tremendous impact on the lives of all students.  The school guidance and counseling program is comprehensive in scope, developmental in nature, and based on the national standards for school counseling programs.  The school counseling program is delivered by counselors, both individually and in collaboration with other professionals, through programs and activities to Barack Obama Academy of International Studies students in grades 6-12.

     The four areas included in the school counseling program are:

    •     Guidance Curriculum: classroom and group activities.
    •     Individual Student Planning: assist the student in developing personal goals.
    •     Responsive Services: activities to meet student’s immediate needs.  
    •     System Support: professional development, consultations, collaborating programs.                 

     In the middle school, the school counselor program focuses on the rapidly changing needs of young adolescents that impact academic, career, and person/social development.  The program initiated in elementary school is continued but is adjusted to further focus on students’ individual academic and career plans. Continuing to support academic achievement. The high school counseling program assists all students in becoming responsible adults and in developing realistic life plans according to graduation requirements and post-graduation goals.


    School counseling programs have a positive impact on students, parents or guardians, teachers, administrators, boards of education, school counselors, counselor educators, post-secondary institutions and the community

     ASCA National Standards and Competencies

     The American School Counselor Association (ASCA) National Standards serve as a foundation for the Barack Obama Academy of International Studies school counseling program.  These student content standards and competencies define the knowledge, attitudes or skills students should obtain or demonstrate as a result of participating in a school counseling program.  These standards and competencies may be found on the ASCA website  http://www.schoolcounselor.org