• Teaching and Learning Conditions Survey

    Last spring, the 4th annual Teaching and Learning Conditions (TLC) Survey was administered to all school-based licensed professionals in the District, yielding a 91% rate of participation. The TLC Survey asks for teacher perception around eight teaching and learning conditions that are linked to student achievement and teacher retention, including Time, Facilities and Resources, Community Support and Involvement, Professional Development, Instructional Practices and Support, Managing Student Conduct, Teacher Leadership, and School Leadership.

    A new research brief by the New Teacher Center describes notable trends from the 2013 TLC Survey. Findings include growth on six of the eight survey constructs from last year’s results.
    A four-year summary is also included in the research brief, which highlights the fact that all eight constructs were viewed more positively in 2013 than four years ago. The summary also showed:
    • Pittsburgh licensed educators reported increases in rates of agreement across items related to Teacher Leadership since 2012, particularly those related to decision-making
    • Educators indicated a 17-percentage-point decline from 2012 to 2013 that class sizes are reasonable such that teachers have the time available to meet the needs of all students, the largest decline of any question on the survey between 2012 and 2013;
    • Small increases are observed across the area of Managing Student Conduct, including 55.4% of educators agreeing that students treat their peers with respect, up from 50.6% in 2012.
    To date information gained from the TLC Survey has prompted the Central Office Support Team to take steps to address trends in the survey, including:
    • Creating A Teacher’s Guide to Understanding, Preventing, and Responding to Bullying, which provides strategies and resources to address negative student behavior before it escalates into bullying;
    • Developing annual Promising Practices reports, which highlight the strategies and best practices of schools that showed the greatest improvement on the TLC Survey;
    • Providing differentiated support to schools, which includes recommending areas of focus for schools that did not achieve a positive teaching and learning environment; providing detailed feedback on each school’s action plan for improvement; and connecting schools with resources to support their areas for improvement.
    For more detailed information on District results please click here.

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