• Office 365 Migration 

    Pittsburgh Public Schools is migrating to Office 365.  The change will allow the district to save money and increase capabilities.  This means more accessibility to your information and tools; and, some great new features.
    What does this mean to you?  
    The most noticeable change you will recognize is email and the full use of your email address to login.  
    Users must now use their full username - for example:     jdoe1@pghschools.org
    Your existing password will continue to work and be managed by yourself if you ever want to change it. 
    [Login to the new Outlook 365] (use if you have been told you have been migrated)
    [Login to the existing OWA] (use if you are waiting to be migrated)
     *If you attempt to login to OWA and get any error, your account has been migrated to Office 365.  

    Should I select Microsoft account or School account?
    Always choose the Work and School Account option.  This means you are using your District account and have access to all District tools.  In some cases, you may have signed up for a personal Microsoft account using your District email.  If you see limited features or do not have access to something that a colleague has access to, chances are you selected the wrong account.
    You may see an option like this: (Always choose Work or School Account)
     account 1
    Or you may see an option like this:  (Always choose Work or School Account)
    account 2