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  • Camp/Course Opportunities for Graduates Owed COVID Compensatory Services

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    The COVID-19 pandemic caused a disruption to learning for all students, locally and across our nation. As a result, students with disabilities (IEPs and 504 Plans) may be owed COVID Compensatory Services (CCS) if they did not receive the evaluations or services to which they were entitled from March 16, 2020, thru June 16th, 2022. Pittsburgh Public Schools has a new plan to address the impact of the pandemic on our students with disabilities - CCS 2.0. The District will convene IEP and 504 meetings for all eligible students to determine any learning loss from the Pandemic Period and to determine the type and amount of CCS to be provided to the student to address the identified loss. Families can expect to learn more about their child’s individualized determinations through their school-based IEP or 504 meeting process.

CCS School Flyers


  • What is the purpose of Covid Compensatory Services (CCS)?

  • Why are we re-visiting CCS

  • What are the dates that are defined in the pandemic period?

  • What if the student already attended CCS during Summer 2021?

  • Who should be considered for CCS?

  • Who will determine the type and amount of service(s) required?

  • How will eligibility and the amount of CCS be determined by the IEP team?

  • How can I better understand what was missed over the pandemic period?

  • What if my student graduated or withdrew from PPS during the pandemic period?

  • What if school staff cannot reach a parent/guardian to attend the CCS meeting?

  • What will CCS look like as a delivery method?

  • Who will be providing CCS?

  • When will CCS services begin and end?

  • When will CCS meetings occur?

  • What steps does a case manager take prior to a CCS meeting?


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