• Come Back Vaxxed!

  • back and vaxxed

    Getting vaccinated against Covid-19 is a key step to keeping our schools open and all of us safe and healthy.


    • When you’re vaxxed, you can get back to doing what you like to do.   
    • Get vaxxed and get back to in-person learning.
    • Get vaxxed and get back to playing sports.
    • Get vaxxed and get back to performances and live shows.
    • Get vaxxed and get back to hanging out with friends.


    Covid-19 vaccines are safe for anyone age 12 and older.

    vaxxed soccer  

    At PPS, we adhere to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recommendations regarding:

    • Consistent and correct use of masks by all individuals, vaccinated or unvaccinated, in schools
    • Social distancing – maintaining at least 3 feet of distance in classrooms
    • Frequent and proper hand washing
    • Staying home if you have a fever or otherwise do not feeling well
    • Covid testing if you have come in contact with someone who tests positive for Covid 19 and quarantining as necessary after exposure
    • Proper cleaning and disinfecting of common areas in schools


    And most importantly – vaccinations to stop the spread of Covid-19!



    Find out where you can get vaxxed by visting the calendar.  Also find vaccine information and resources below.  


    Allegheny County Vaccine Provider Map