• Start On Success Program Components

    For the entire 3 years of the program, students are required to take a 1-credit Transition Elective class daily, as part of the school schedule. These courses consist of a progressive curriculum that is aligned with Pennsylvania Academic Standards for Career Education and Work, focused on increasing self-awareness, work readiness and job maintenance skills. These classes operate as a training session to support the students’ career growth and prepare them for future employment.

    10th Grade - Service Learning

    In the tenth grade students participate in this course and focus on assessing their strengths and weakness, possible accommodations and setting realistic career goals. Students are responsible for developing career portfolios and making formal presentations to our community partners to gain entry in to the next phase of the SOS program.
     SOS Student
    During the second semester of the 10th grade year, students are required to complete a Service Learning Project. This key phase of the program reinforces the importance of community and the contributions that we can all make. As a class, the students complete research of their local area to determine a need in the community. They identify a way in which they, as a class, can make an improvement to their neighborhood. Throughout the semester, they learn the importance of working as team, communication and again the necessity to be responsible, all of which will benefit them in the world of work.

    11th Grade - Project MOVE Mentorship Program

    The 11th grade students continue the mentorship phase of Start On Success.  By making it this far, the student has successfully passed all previous components and has EARNED the ability to participate in a continued community mentorship.  The mentorship requires each student to leave their school once a week for 3 hours and travel independently to their worksite, using Port AuthorityUPMC buses.  Travel instruction is provided to each student, to ensure that they can travel independently and safely to and from their worksites.  Also, SOS instructors are on the worksite daily to help answer any questions, resolve any issues and provide overall support to the student.  This internship is a great opportunity for the students and serves as a way to provide real-work experiences that will assist them in preparing for life after high school school. The student still participates in a daily class, that counts towards one elective credit.  A key piece of the class instruction links the student's community and work experiences to the classroom.  Issues from the workplace are brought back to the classroom for instruction.  This enables the mentors to directly impact our curriculum development. It also allows the students to share their experiences and discuss openly things such as conflict resolution, possible solutions, proper work behaviors, etc.  Other areas of instruction include: self-awareness, job acquisition skills, job readiness and job maintenance skills, including dress, attitude, resume preparation and interviewing. 

    12th Grade - Internships

    During the 12th grade year, Start on Success students have now EARNED the opportunity to participate in a paid internship.  The students still participate in a daily transition class, as well as leave everyday after 5th period to travel independently to their worksite.  They will also receive a credit for class and co-op credits for the internship.  A huge effort is made to place students at a worksite based on their career interests.  This reinforces necessary job maintenance skills and allows for the student to gain experience and increase work responsibilities at their worksite. 
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