• Gifted and Talented FAQ


    My child was tested and accepted for gifted services, but chose to attend a private school instead. Does he need to be retested to enter the program in high school next year?

    This depends on how long ago your child was tested, and if your child has a current GIEP. Typically, a re-evaluation should take place every two years for students without an active GIEP.

    If I move from out of state, do I need to have my child retested?

    In most cases, the answer is yes. Pennsylvania has a different testing measure than other states. If your child does not currently have an active GIEP, then he/she will need to be retested.

    I am not sure when my psychological evaluation is—who should I contact?

    Please contact psychological services at: 412-529-3132.

    When and where can I get the results of evaluation?

    The psychologist that evaluates your child should contact you to share with you the results of that exam. It is important to keep in mind that the psychological results are only a part of the total gifted evaluation. The actual recommendation for services comes from The Gifted Support Office. The paperwork and identification process can take up to 45 days. After your child has been tested and all of the necessary forms compiled, a recommendation is made. If your child attends a pilot school, the Gifted Resource teacher at your child’s school will contact you regarding the recommendation. If your son or daughter does not attend a pilot school, you will be contacted by the Gifted Center staff regarding your child’s status. Summer testing results will typically be available in September of the same year.

    How is a child tested and placed into the gifted program?

    A student can be recommended for the gifted program in several ways: a parent can request that their child be tested, a teacher can recommend that a student be tested, and in the case of the pilot schools, students are recommended to be tested based on their PSSA scores and grades. The process begins with a Permission to Evaluate form. This form is found in the student’s home school, whether the school is public or private. After the parent or guardian fills out and returns this form to the home school, the home school initiates the Gifted Written Report (GWR), which includes a psychological test conducted by a certified psychologist, teacher checklists, parent checklists, etc. All of the information is compiled and sent to the Gifted Support Office, where a determination is made as to whether or not the student requires gifted educational services.

    What happens if my child qualifies for gifted educational services?

    If a child is identified as requiring gifted services, the parents are contacted and invited to attend the Gifted Individual Educational Plan (GIEP) meeting. At this meeting, the results of the testing are shared and a GIEP is written. Also, a Notice of Recommended Assignment (NORA) is signed by the parent. This establishes, by law, the student’s right to gifted educational services and the District’s obligation to provide those services.

    How often can my child get tested if they do not qualify for gifted education services?

    One time per school year.

    What do all of these acronyms mean?

    A GWR is a Gifted Written Review, which is all of the paperwork (psychological information, teacher checklists, parent checklist, etc.) that is compiled before making an identification decision.

    A GIEP is the formal Gifted Individualized Education Plan, which is written for each student once he/she is identified.


    If I move from another school district in Pennsylvania will my child receive gifted services?


    If a student moves from one school district in Pennsylvania to another, the new district must implement the existing GIEP to the extent possible and must provide the services and programs specified in an interim GIEP agreed to by the parents until a new GIEP is developed and implemented. A reevaluation may be necessary prior to developing a new GIEP.

     What requirements do students need to meet to earn the CAS seal on their diploma?

    Gifted and Talented students who take eight CAS, AP, or IB courses (or any combination) and complete three Long Term Projects are eligible to receive the CAS seal on their diploma.
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