• Centers for Advanced Study (CAS)

    CAS courses are high-level, accelerated courses that follow the Purdue Three-Stage model and create opportunities for student-led inquiry, deep investigation of interest-based topics, and collaborative long-term projects.  CAS courses are awarded an additional .5 weight to account for the added rigor that is infused into the curriculum.  All CAS students are supported by a school-based CAS facilitator who acts a a mentor and manages a student's Gifted Individualized Education Plan (GIEP).  Please see below for CAS Facilitator contact information.
    The CAS program provides for enriched and specially designed instruction in the following ways:
    • An inquiry/problem solving approach to learning
    • Advanced media and computer technology support
    • Externships, apprenticeships, academic competitions, and independent studies
    • Individually-designed Long Term Projects supported by teacher, community and/or university mentors
    • Program facilitator(s) at each site

    The Gifted and Talented Model

    The Talent Development Initiative was approved by the Pittsburgh School Board for implementation at Brashear, Perry, and Langley for the 2011-2012 school year, then District-wide for the 2012-2013 school year.  Under this initiative, students that demonstrate high achievement and meet specific course requirements will have the opportunity to enroll in CAS courses, previously only available to students identified as gifted.  Through this initiative, students who have demonstrate that they can do the work and are motivated to meet the challenge of CAS have the ability to access these courses.



  • CAS Summer Reading

    The CAS Summer Reading Packet is for students who will be entering any High School CAS English Course.