• Centers for Advanced Study (CAS)

    CAS courses are high-level, enriched and accelerated honors courses that follow the Purdue Three-Stage model and create opportunities for student-led inquiry, deep investigation of interest-based topics, and collaborative long-term projects.  CAS courses are awarded an additional .5 weight to account for the added rigor that is infused into the curriculum.  Gifted students are supported by a school-based CAS facilitator who manages a student's Gifted Individualized Education Plan (GIEP).  Please see below for CAS Facilitator contact information.
    The CAS program provides for enriched and specially designed instruction in the following ways:
    • An inquiry/problem solving approach to learning
    • Advanced media and computer technology support
    • Independent studies
    • Long-Term Projects supported by teacher, community and/or university mentors
    • Program facilitator(s) at each site


    The Gifted and Talented Model

    The Centers for Advanced Studies (CAS) program include enriched and accelerated courses for gifted and academically talented students. The CAS enriched core curricula include two- four-year sequences in English, Mathematics, Science, and World Languages. Access to accelerated courses begin freshmen year with AP offered all four years for the Social Studies courses.

    The CAS application process will open Friday, December 8, 2023, and close Friday, February 3, 2024. Please encourage your student to:

    • maintain a “B” or higher in all core subject areas (English, Math, Science, Social Studies, World Language)
    • maintain an overall G.P.A. of 3.0 or higher
    • maintain 90% or higher attendance engage and participate in class
  • PPS CAS Course Enrollment Process 

    PPS students will no longer submit a CAS application. PPS 8th and 9th grade students with a GPA of at least 2.75 and 85% attendance will receive a CAS letter. Only PPS students with a GPA of 2.75 – 2.99 must submit a teacher recommendation. Standardized test scores will not be included in the process.

    PPS 8th grade eligible CAS students (3.0 GPA, 90% attendance, and core courses with at least a "B") will be automatically enrolled in the CAS courses. These courses will be listed in the CAS eligibility letter. To enroll in a CAS math course the student must currently be enrolled in at least Algebra I. Parents/Guardians can opt their student out of a specific CAS course or all CAS courses by contacting their student’s counselor/social worker by March 21, 2023.

    PPS students in high school who meet the CAS criteria will schedule CAS courses of interest during their course scheduling period. The student will select the CAS course(s) of interest in the subject area(s) the student meets the academic requirement of having at least a "B" in the course.


    Non-PPS Student CAS Course Enrollment Process

    The Non-PPS student application process is closed. If you have any questions, please contact Emelda Jones at Ejones3@pghschools.org


CAS Facilitator List

Facilitator School
Mariah Monroe Allderdice High School
Jen Mazocco Allderdice High School
Helen Monroe Allderdice High School
Jen Felton Allderdice High School
Janelle Price Allderdice High School
Sara Herrmann Allderdice High School
Michael Carey Allderdice High School
Melissa Donnelly Allderdice High School
Sarah Mueller Allderdice High School
Steve Meddings Allderdice High School
Cortney Fischer Allderdice High School
Troy Taylor Allderdice High School
Reagan Cupps Brashear High School
Christopher Kipp Brashear High School
Beth Hellerman Carrick High School
Brendan Coyne CAPA 6-12
Brent Watson CAPA 6-12
Valerie Watson CAPA 6-12
Rachel Vandergraft CAPA 6-12
Mallory Brown CAPA 6-12
Gary McGrail CAPA 6-12
Charla Southers CAPA 6-12
Camden Kelly (out on LOA) CAPA 6-12
Rachel Whealdon Obama Academy
Renee Patrick-Matunga Obama Academy