• K-8 Gifted Programming

    The Pittsburgh Gifted Center

    The elementary gifted support program provides opportunities for students to enhance their individual strengths and interests with specifically designed activities and enrichment experiences. Students meet weekly at the Pittsburgh Gifted Center at Greenway where they participate in accelerated, hand-on courses. When not attending the Center, the needs of gifted students are met at their home schools.  Students who attend the Gifted Center enroll in a variety of courses in the humanities, math, and/or science content areas. All courses focus on process skills which include problem solving, self-directed learning, interaction, creative thinking, higher-level thinking, and decision making. Technology instruction is a major focus at the Center and is infused in all curricula. The Gifted Center curriculum allows students the opportunity to complete hands-on, independent projects that match their interests. Students at the K-6 level are enrolled in one course that lasts all year and two additional semester-long courses. Students attending the middle school enroll in 3 classes each semester for a total of six different courses each year. Course offerings typically change each year and focus on the project based, real world applications of each subject area.

    Contact the Gifted Center at 412-529-3820 


    On-Site Gifted Support

    The district has also implemented an on-site gifted support program which offers students differentiated, accelerated instruction at their home school five days a week.  On-site gifted teachers provide both pull-out instruction as well as push -in services to the regular classroom to offer differentiated instruction to gifted students on a daily basis.  A true inclusion model, on-site gifted teachers also work closely with school personnel, parents and community members to identify students with a profile that strongly indicates gifted ability.  Please check out the individual school websites below for more information.
    Pittsburgh Science and Technology Academy implements an on-site gifted model that is school-wide. The on-site gifted program offers students differentiated instruction which includes enriched and accelerated service delivery models for gifted and high ability performing students. The model is a true inclusion model where students receive differentiated instruction on a daily basis and access to interest topics through the activity periods.

    Check out the Parent Resource Guide for more information or email us!