• Sportsmanship Guidelines

    The Pittsburgh Public Schools along with the PIAA believe sportsmanship is the most important aspect of interscholastic athletics. Good sportsmanship is the attitude and behavior that exemplifies positive support for the Interscholastic programs in Pittsburgh Public Schools.

    Actions meant to demean players, spectators, coaches and officials are not in the highest ideals of interscholastic education and will not be tolerated at any Pittsburgh Public Schools sporting event.

    Acceptable Behavior

    • Cheering for your team rather than against an opponent
    • Showing concern for an injured player, regardless of team
    • Encouraging surrounding fans/students to display only sportsmanlike behavior
    • Respecting and accepting decisions by contest officials
    • Being humble in victory and gracious in defeat

    Unacceptable Behavior

    • Disrespectful or derogatory cheers, chants, songs or gestures toward other teams or individuals
    • Criticizing contest officials in any way
    • Blaming a loss on contest officials, coaches or participants
    • Using profanity, name-calling, or displays of anger
    • Rushing onto the field or gym floor
    • Stay in the stands
    • Distracting behavior that hinders the game (noise makers, signs, whistles, etc.) Note: The lists are illustrative and may not capture all acceptable and unacceptable behavior.

    Sportsmanship Contract