• Office of Budget Development, Management and Operations


    Department Information 

    The Office of Budget Development, Management and Operations reports to the Chief Financial Officer. 
    This office is responsible for the management of all current budgets and development of future budgets for the School District of Pittsburgh, primarily the General Fund Budget, Special Education Budget, Site-Based Budgets, Supplemental Funds, Capital Projects and Food Service. Site-Based budgeting is utilized at all elementary, middle and secondary schools. All supplement-funded programs are developed under the auspices of this office. These programs include Title I, Head Start, Special Education, Support Services, Academic & Career Development and all programs funded by foundations. 
    The office is also responsible for the preparation and production of the Volume 2 Supplemental Programs budget book that is published along with Volume I Preliminary General Fund Budget. Each supplemental fund has individual financial reporting requirements that are specified by the granting agencies. Interim and final financial reports are prepared to adhere to the needs of program managers and granting agencies. 
    In conjunction with the financial reporting process, these funds are continually monitored to maintain a positive cash flow for the Pittsburgh School District and to guarantee that each program is financially independent. The Single Audit Act requires the District to not only address the financial demands of each fund, but to also examine and combine all funds in compliance with the Act.

Budget File Library

  • If you are looking for a budget file prior to 3 years, please visit the Budget Archive