• Shifting the focus beyond mere facility arrangements, Superintendent Wayne N. Walters, EdD, alongside District leaders, presented a comprehensive vision for leveraging the District’s footprint to enhance the entire educational landscape in Pittsburgh. Shared at the Board’s April 3rd Education Committee Meeting, the proposed facilities utilization plan sets out to foster equity, excellence, and efficiency across the District. The proposal outlines strategic measures to optimize facility usage, aiming to enrich the learning environment while addressing financial inefficiencies within the District.  Recognizing the pivotal role of community input, the plan emphasizes outreach and collaboration with local stakeholders to ensure effectiveness and buy-in.


    Twelve Recommendations for Optimizing the Use of District Facilities

    The 50-page proposal moves beyond an administrative exercise of compliance to present a future-oriented blueprint for leveraging the educational spaces within PPS to bolster the learning experience.  As part of tonight’s presentation, the District shared an overview of the current state analysis detailed in the plan, highlighting challenges related to facilities, staffing, finances and more.  To address these challenges, leaders outlined 12 recommendations, aligned to the recently approved strategic plan framework, for optimizing the use of the District’s facilities, with an average age of 90 years, to enhance the educational environment for all students, including:


    1. Creating safe, modern, and effective learning environments to ensure equitable access to high-quality education for all students.
    2. Transitioning to a streamlined structure of foundational K-5 schools and developmentally responsive 6-8 middle schools to provide scalable pathways leading to high schools where students can make informed choices.
    3. Transforming schools into vibrant community hubs to accommodate a broad range of activities and services beyond the traditional school day.
    4. Conducting a comprehensive review of existing feeder patterns to enhance equity and resource efficiency.
    5. Implementing a facilities utilization protocol to strategically evaluate school spaces for modern learning and working environments.
    6. Introducing a comprehensive educational enhancement plan tailored to address the diverse needs of educators and students.
    7. Incorporating Gholdy Muhammad's five pursuits into the facilities utilization plan with a focus on cultivating joy.
    8. Developing scheduling and time allocation models prioritizing literacy, math, STEM, art, music, world language, physical education, and career exploration opportunities.
    9. Implementing a unified safety plan covering both physical and academic aspects.
    10. Developing a holistic strategy to eliminate racial and disability disparities in education.
    11. Revitalizing and updating all magnet programs to ensure equitable access and standardized admissions.
    12. Establishing a financial management protocol to identify areas for cost reduction without compromising educational quality.


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