Culinary Exploration at PPS: 

    Welcoming New Food Service Manager and Taste Testing Extravaganza!

    In an exciting initiative, the recently appointed Food Service Manager, Chef Melissa Terrel, alongside Production Coordinator Malik Hamilton, Director Curtistine Walker and the entire Food Service Department, extended a warm welcome to PPS staff, students, and Board Members to attend the annual PPS Food Show. The occasion provided a unique opportunity for valuable feedback on potential new food items slated for the upcoming school year.

    The gathering proved to be both enlightening and delicious, as participants immersed themselves in a tasting extravaganza. With endless samples to savor, the experience allowed faculty and staff to provide firsthand feedback on the culinary offerings. Chef Melissa Terrel's culinary expertise and Malik Hamilton's coordination efforts ensured a delightful and engaging event for all involved.

    This initiative not only reflects a commitment to enhancing the dining experience within the school community but also showcases the collaborative spirit of the Food Service Department in catering to the diverse tastes and preferences of students and staff.

  • Kaleigh Tussert, Health & Nutrition Specialist PPSCurtistine Walker, Director of Food Service, PPS

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    2024 PPS Food Show Featured on KDKA Talk Pittsburgh!

    The PPS Food Service Department had an amazing turnout this year for their annual food show. 

    In attendance this year was Heather Abraham and her camera crew from KDKA Talk Pittsburgh!

    Featured in the segment are PPS District Health and Nutrition Specialist Kaleigh Tussert and Curtistine Walker, PPS Director of Food Services.