10% Aspirational EBE Goal

10% Aspirational EBE Goal for Diversity Spend

  • The School District of Pittsburgh (“District”) recognizes that diversity plays a vital role in delivering the services, value and innovation necessary to serve our employees, communities and our most precious commodities, our students.  One method to make that happen is through our business diversity initiative.


    An aspirational Eligible Business Enterprise (EBE) goal of 10%, for business diversity spend, has been assigned to all solicitations for the procurement of goods and services.  This applies to all departments and for all procurement types except sealed bid construction projects.  Solicitations for sealed bid construction projects will continue to receive a 'contract-specific' EBE goal determination by our Minority/Women Business team.


    The purpose of this 10% aspirational target is to identify, increase and enhance our business diversity spend throughout the entire procurement process. This is part of an ongoing effort to:

    • remedy discrimination for minority and women businesses enterprises
    • ensure that various racial, ethnic and gender subgroups participate in contracting at levels that would be expected in the absence of discrimination
    • foster the overarching policy of diversity in contracting for the School District