The Staff 


    The Office of Equity Staff coordinates and supports the District’s equity initiatives which are directly aligned to the Conciliation Agreement of 2006 and the quinquennial Memorandum of Understanding.

  • Aisha Robinson is the Principal on Special Assignment in the Office of Equity for Pittsburgh Public Schools. Aisha Robinson is the fourth-generation educator in her family to serve the students, families, staff, and community of Pittsburgh Public Schools. Hard work and dedication with a positive outlook have been the daily driving force in her professional life. Aisha Robinson has more than 22 years of work experience in education and non-profit organizations centering around the success of our youth. Aisha Robinson’s educational philosophy emphasizes innovation, experiences, and rich opportunities to lead students to inquiry, problem-solving, discovery, and self-actualization. Aisha received her Associates of Science from Community College of Allegheny County, Bachelor of Arts from Carlow University, and two Master Degrees of Public Management in Educational Leadership and Human Resource Management from Carnegie Mellon University. Aisha Robinson has experience working in Alternative Education, Public Education, Charter, and Suburban Schools, and sent 14 years in the summers writing and leading Life Learning curriculums, while being a part of the Camper Program Management Team with East End Cooperative Ministries under the leadership of Rev. Dr. Darnell O. Leonard. During her tenure at Pittsburgh Public Schools, she proudly was the 9-12 Grade Math Teacher at George Westinghouse High School 9-12 and then was honored to return as the Assistant Principal at Westinghouse Academy 6-12, Assistant Principal of Allegheny Traditional Academy K-5, Director of Barak Obama Academy 6-12, Principal of Manchester K-8 for four-years, and the Acting Principal of Pittsburgh Online Academy 4-12. This unique opportunity of service allowed Aisha Robinson to prioritize academics and the community, student-voice, student agency, and support student-services in a precise and caring manner. In addition to the school and community she led and cared for, some of Aisha’s most impressionable experiences where the service-learning trips she chaperoned while taking City Charter High School and then Westinghouse High School students on to help and support Costa Rica while broaden their horizons and offering opportunities for philanthropy. Through her reliance, strengthen, and commitment to students, Aisha Robinson continues to teach the valuable lesson, “No matter where you start, you have capability for greatness.”
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  • Student Equity Advocates 


    Student Equity Advocates consistently support designated groups of historically marginalized students across secondary schools by increasing their exposure to positive role models, extended learning, postsecondary options and access to social, cultural, and identity enrichment. Student Equity Advocates work independently and as a collective, as well as in conjunction with school community stakeholders, to strengthen students’ sense of belonging and agency, relationships with their peers and community, and investment in education that will foster current and future success and life-readiness. 

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  • The Equity Advisory Panel 


    Formed in October 2006, the Equity Advisory Panel is charged with monitoring, advising and reporting on the District’s progress. The Panel also recommends research-based strategies, methods, techniques and programs that support racial equity. The original Conciliation Agreement also required that the District provide administrative support to coordinate the Conciliation Agreement as well as oversee the monitoring and assessment of data.

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  • The Racial Equity Affiliates 


    Racial Equity Affiliates are a cohort of leaders for racial equity charged with supporting the identification and interruption of institutionalized racism within the District in service of our goals of accelerating student achievement and eliminating racial disparities. Through providing professional learning opportunities, internalizing and facilitating the use of the Courageous Conversations about Race™ Protocol and Guidelines for Equitable Decision Making, advocating on behalf of students, families, communities, and employees of color, and modeling an equitable mindset in their practice, the Affiliates are positioned to help build the equity-focused knowledge-base and capacities of employees throughout the district to create more equitable outcomes for the students and families whom we serve. 

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  • School Performance
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