FACE Coordinator Training 2022

  • site manager acceess

    Scroll to the bottom of your site click "Site Manager" to login.

  • Login


    Username: The first part of your @pghschools.org email address (ex mgallagher2)

    Password: Your PPS password (this will automaticlly update every time you do)


    You should have access to your school webpage and calendar page


  • Uploading News Exercise


    • Click  the pencil icon to edit your your School News Widget (Left Column)

    School News Widget

    • Click  "New" to add an item
    • * Headline Title: Parent Teacher Conferences
    • Accent Image: upload Image above
    • Check  the box that says  "This Image is Decorative (Does not convey information)"
    • Height: 237
    • Width: 411
    • Current Content Type: Select "File" from dropdown
    • File Content: upload PDF  attached above
    • Description: NO SCHOOL Monday, October 10, 2022 Early Childhood, PreK-5, & 6-8 Schools  Friday, October 14, 2022 Early Head Start, 6-12, High School & Special Schools
    • Save


    Tip: If you need to resize an image to be 237 (height) x 411(width) visit this link  to rezise and download any existing image:  https://templatelibrary.schoolwires.net/imageeditor?w=411&h=237



  • Uploading A Document Exercise


    • Navigate to "Handbooks and Procedures" (Middle column) and click the pencil icon to edit
    • You should see two items in there already :  Code of Student Conduct and PPS Gender Inclusive Handbook
    • Click the green button  in  the first column STATUS that says "Active" Next to  Code of Student Conduct (this is last years)
    • Click New at Top
    • *  File Title:   2022-2023 Code of Student Conduct
    • Uploaded File: Upload the code of conduct
    • Save

    Tip: If you see this error make sure to rename the file you aretrying to upload :