FACE Coordinator Training 2023

  • site manager acceess

    Scroll to the bottom of your site and click "Site Manager" to login.

  • Login


    Username: The first part of your @pghschools.org email address.

    For example, if your email is mgallagher2@pghschools.org, your user name would be mgallagher2

    Password: Your PPS password (this will automatically update every time you do)


    FACE Coordinators and Principals have access to your school webpage. 

    If you do not have access, please email Marlie Gallagher mgallagher2@pghschools.org for assistance.


  • School Handbooks Check


    • Navigate to "Handbooks and Procedures" (Middle column) and click the pencil icon to edit
    • You should see your schools Handbook for the current school year at the top. If your handbook has not been uploaded, please do so now. (PDF files only)
    • Click the green button in the first column STATUS that says "Active" next to last year's handbook, so it is no longer visible on the website.




  • Sharing Good News

    If your school has news that you would like to share, please email mgallagher2@pghschools.org with any links/files/images, and I will handle uploading these on the district site as well as your schools webpage.