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  • The Student Equity Advocates speak regularly with students about their lived experiences and offer a space for them to express their truth.  We highlight some of those expressions here. 

    By centering the identities and perspectives of African American youth, we hope to offer a humanizing portrait of hope, resilience, courage, and authenticity that reminds us who is at the center of education. 

    By bringing the voices from the margins to the center, we offer a counter-narrative to the oversimplified and stereotypical images of historically marginalized youth in their own words.

  • Candid Conversations: Coping with the COVID-19 Pandemic


    Candid Conversations – Coping with the COVID-19 Pandemic


    In our first installment, we asked students how they were coping with the Stay-at-Home orders during COVID-19.  Included are responses from representatives of PPS's Student Voice and Student Envoy initiatives.

    We discovered messages of hope and encouragement amidst loss. 

    • What are the top needs facing you and your family right now?
    • What are you most grateful for during this time?
    • What have you grieved the most during this time?
    • What is something new you learned that you wouldn’t have learned in your everyday “normal”?
    • What is one thing you wish your future self would have told you about preparing for the pandemic?
    • What advice would you give to your peers and younger generation about getting through this difficult time?


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  • Black History Month Expressions


    Black History Expressions


    Contributions to history by African Americans should be celebrated - always and all year round!

    Read, learn and reflect as PPS students at Pittsburgh Westinghouse Academy share and explain to educate us. Black History is American History.

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