Once an employment offer is made and accepted, a new employee must complete the below clearances and employment paperwork to begin work with Pittsburgh Public Schools. This information must be completed and submitted to Human Resources prior to the new employee’s first day of work. 


    Please read the following information carefully as it will assist you in expediting the employment process and completing the required information accurately. 


    While you are welcome to start working on your clearances and background information at any time, the Office of Human Resources cannot accept these documents until you have received and accepted an employment offer with Pittsburgh Public Schools.


Background Clearances Required for Hire

  • All Pittsburgh Public Schools employees must obtain a Federal Criminal History Report, PA Child Abuse History Clearance and PA State Police Criminal History Check that is dated within one year of your start date.  

    What if I have a record on my Clearances?  
    If you have a record on any of your clearances, please submit all three clearances to your human resources representative in advance of submitting your remaining paperwork. Once your clearances are received by your Human Resources Representative, they will be reviewed by the Pittsburgh Public Schools Law Department, and you will be notified if you are eligible for employment.  

Collect the Following Items

  • Pennsylvania State Certification, Resources Specialist Permit and/or Montessori Credential


    Certain positions with Pittsburgh Public Schools require applicants to hold an active Pennsylvania State Certification, Resource Specialist Permit, Emergency Certification, and/or a Montessori Credential. If you accepted a position that requires one of these items please include a copy when you submit your paperwork to your Human Resources Representative

    Order Your Official Transcripts

    You must submit official transcripts to Human Resources for every college/university attended (if applicable). Transcripts can be submitted through mail or electronically. To expedite the process electronic transcripts are preferred. If you submit your transcripts electronically please have them emailed to your Human Resources Representative. Transcripts that are mailed can be addressed to your Human Resources Representative and sent to: 341. South Bellefield Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15213.


    Employment Eligibility Verification (Form I-9) Proof of Identification

    You must submit one document from list A or one document from list B and List C to Human Resources for the completion of your I-9. Typically, these items are required to be reviewed in person by a Human Resources Representative. However, due to precautions being implemented by employers and employees related to physical proximity associated with COVID-19, an exception is being made and you can send an electronic copy of these items when you submit your New Employment Packet. Please note that once normal operations resume, all employees who were on-boarded using remote verification, must report to the Administration Building within three business days for in-person verification of identity and employment eligibility documentation for Form I-9, Employment Eligibility Verification. The most common items that new hires provide are: 

    • Passport, or
    • Driver’s License and Social Security Card, or
    • Driver’s License and Birth Certificate


    Social Security Card

    This is needed to confirm your social security number for the PSERS Retirement.


    Sick Day Transfer Letter (if applicable)

    According to the Pennsylvania Public School Code professionals and temporary professional employees who sever their employment with one school district and enter into employment with another school district shall be entitled to all accumulated sick leave not exceeding a maximum of twenty-five working days acquired during their employment in the Public or Charter school districts of the Commonwealth. If you plan to transfer up to 25 sick days please provide a letter on your current school district's letterhead indicating the number of sick days you have remaining at the time you severed employment. As a reminder you can only transfer sick days for a public or charter school; not for a parochial or private school.

Paperwork Required for Hire

  • Creating Your Digital Signature


    To assist you, we have provided you with pdf fillable forms and directions on how to create a digital signature. Additionally, it is best to utilize Adobe Reader when completing your employment packet and creating your digital signature. If you use some other form of a PDF Reader the below directions and fillable forms may not work. 

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  • ACT 168 Verification Form(s)


    You must complete a form for every employer whom you worked for that meets any of the above criteria. Please note that you may need to make additional copies of the attached ACT 168 Verification Form. If you are currently unemployed and have no previous employers that fit the above criteria mark the “not applicable” box and complete Section 1.

    Complete and submit an ACT 168 form for the following:

     Your current employer(s)

     Your former employer(s) that were school entities; and

     Your former employer(s) where you were employed in a position where you had direct contact with children. Direct contact with children means, “The possibility of care, supervision guidance or control of children or routine interaction with children.”

    1)    First, complete the top section with the name of your current/former employer and their contact information. (Please include the employer’s fax number or email address and telephone number. If this is not complete we will return the form to you and this will delay the date you can begin work.)

    2)    Next, complete Section 1, which includes a checklist of three statements in addition to requiring your signature and date on Page 2. DO NOT complete Section 2.

    3)DO NOT send the form to your current/former employer(s). State law requires that Pittsburgh Public Schools sends the ACT 168 forms to all of your relevant employers. Each employer will have up to 20 days to complete and return the form. You are not permitted to begin work with the District until the ACT 168 form(s) are returned from all of your employers or 21 days has passed from the date the report was sent to your employers.

    4)    Finally, return the form(s) to the HR department through fax or email immediately. If the form(s) are returned by email please save the ACT 168 form(s) as “Your First and Last Name – ACT 168”  and in the subject line type the words “Act 168”

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  • Complete Your Health Appraisal and TB Test


    The Health Appraisal and TB form can be completed by a primary care physician, at Med Express or an UPMC Urgent Care. The TB test is required and takes up to 2 days to acquire results. 

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  • Benefit Forms


    • PSERS Questionnaire
    • Cobra Rights
    • Acknowledgement & Notifications
      • Acknowledgement of Health Care Reform
      • Acknowledgement of 403 (b) Annuity Notification
      • Responsibility for Changing Dependent
    • Sun Life Financial Beneficiary Designation
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  • Payroll Forms


    • Residency Certification Form Local Earned Income Tax Withholding
    • Employee’s Withholding Allowance Certificate (W4):
    • Authorization for Direct Deposit or PPS PNC Pay Card Enrollment Form: You are required to complete one of the two forms to set up your preferred method of receiving your compensation each pay.
      1. Authorization for Direct Deposit – If you elect this option your pay will be deposited into a checking or savings account of your choice. If you are choosing this option please complete the “Authorization for Direct Deposit” form.
      2. PPS PNC PayCard - This is an option for those employees who do not want to open or use a personal checking or savings account. If you are choosing this option please complete the “PPS PNC PayCard Enrollment” form.
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  • Human Resource Forms


    • Employment Eligibility Verification (Form I9)
    • Arrest/Conviction Report and Certification Form (under Act 24 of 2011 and Act 82 of 2012)
    • Employee’s Acknowledgement Under Section 306 (F.1(2)(i))
    • Acknowledgement of Pittsburgh Public Schools Policies and Information
    • Acknowledgement and Statements
      • Arrest/Conviction Report and Certification Form (under Act 24 of 2011 and Act 82 of 2012) Statement
      • Acknowledgement of Workers Compensation Documentation
      • Salary Statement
      • Acknowledgement of Pittsburgh Public Schools Job Description and Growth & Evaluation Information
      • Residency Oath for Residents or Residency Oath for Non Residents: Only individuals holding non-certified positions must complete one of these forms. Substitutes do not need to complete these forms
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  • Complete the Advance Study Credit Application (if applicable)


    Employees who are Pittsburgh Administrators Association (PAA) represented administrators or Pittsburgh Federation of Teachers (PFT) represented professionals should  
    review the Advanced Study Credit Applications to determine if they are eligible to receive      additional compensation and which application they should complete.  

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