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    The Student Envoy Project focuses on mobilizing students directly; engaging them as active and essential partners in improving their academic performance and impacting classroom and school culture.  In participating schools, this program builds a group of student leaders called Student Envoys, who are trained and provided with support to lead a cultural change with their peers throughout the building. In partnership with the Efficacy Institute, the Student Envoy Project at Pittsburgh Public Schools began implementation in 2015

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    Students are nominated by school staff based on leadership abilities, representation of strong character, and a willingness to positively impact classroom and school culture.  Once nominated, all students are expected to participate in a district-wide Student Envoy Camp that introduces these emerging leaders to the program, their key roles in this position, and the 5 Secrets of the Efficacy Institute. Following camp, Student Envoys are expected to fulfill the following roles within their building:  

    • Role Models: Students use and demonstrate the 5 Secrets in their daily lives, setting a positive example. 
    • Vectors: Students spread the 5 Secrets to their peers. 
    • Leaders: Students listen to their peers' concerns, identify, and address issues in their schools by enhancing already established programs and, when needed, creating new projects to direct positive change. 


  • Student Envoys in Action