• Staff Mental Health and Social Emotional Learning Supports and Resources


    Staff mental health and social emotional wellbeing are extremely important to Pittsburgh Public School. In order to be the best for our students, staff, colleagues, and family we must first take care of ourself. This means not only our physical health, but also our mental, emotional, and social health.

  • Staff Supports and Resources


    • Anxiety & Depression: The Symptoms and How to Cope - ​This document outlines the symptoms of anxiety and depression and provides tips on how to cope.
    • Mental Health Tip Sheet - This document provides mental health tips for navigating COVID-19.
    • The Employee Assistance Program provides several no cost services that can help with mental health, which include counseling, coping with anxiety and/or depression, balancing work and home life, dealing with family and relationship concerns, daily living issues, financial budgeting, and much more. 
    • Rethink (rethinked.com) – This resource site provides course training on the development of social emotional skills to promote the well-being and success for students and adult learners. (Available through Clever)
    • Rethink (rethinked.com) – This resource site additionally provides a mindfulness and meditation course for educators to improve wellbeing, personal growth and mindset. (Available through Clever)


    Pittsburgh Public Schools Student Supports Services - Mental Health Resources

Staff Mental Health and SEL Resources