• Family & Community Involvement


    Approach to Engagement/Involvement

    The District will utilize an integrated school, parent/guardian and community approach that establishes a collaborative partnership to enhance the health and wellbeing of students. 

    The District shall annually inform and update the public, including parents/guardians, students and others in the community, about the contents, updates and implementation of this policy via the District website, school handbooks, newsletters, and social media, posted notices and/or other efficient communication methods. This annual notification shall include information on how to access the School Wellness policy; information on how to participate in school or District level wellness activities and a means of contacting Wellness Committee leadership. The District shall also fully engage all stakeholders at least every three years to update of the School Wellness policy.

    The School Wellness policies will be regularly evaluated to ensure they are not being implemented in ways that are inconsistent with critical, culturally affirming approaches to creating a healthy school climate.

    District staff will engage the Parent Advisory Council (PAC) at least once a year with an update on this policy and related activities.

    The District will include at least one question on the parent survey regarding wellness.

    Parent Training

    Parents/Guardians have the opportunity for training in key areas of health education, including physical activity, nutrition, smoking cessation prevention, alcohol and drug abuse, sexual activity and pregnancy and STD prevention, literacy, parenting, safe and healthy choices preventing violence and other risky behaviors, health and wellness, keeping in mind the need to address emerging issues.

    District staff will provide training, technical assistance, and other supports to build the capacity of parents, community partners and school staff as it relates to wellness activities.


    Parents/Guardians have the opportunity to work collaboratively with members of the Schools and District Wellness Committees.

    Tools and Networks

    Parents/Guardians are provided with tools and networks that will enable them to share knowledge of resources and available trainings with other parents/guardians in order to ensure as many children as possible have access to care and remain healthy and well as they enter and remain in school.

    Post-Secondary Partners

    Promote and encourage additional partnerships between universities and colleges, and community-based organizations and agencies, and schools in order to further support activities and to leverage shared resources, such as mini-grants to support innovative ideas of health improvement at the school level, or District-wide collaborative events highlighting aspects of health and wellness.