• Health Promotion for Staff

  • School and District Staff 

    Programming for school staff that provides health assessments, health education (including health education intervention training and programs) stress management, healthy eating, physical activity behaviors, and health-related fitness activities are encouraged. Counseling and psychological services are to be made available through the Employee Assistance Program as well as other outlets and partnerships such as universities, hospitals, and health care providers. Programs should encourage and motivate school staff to live healthier lives. All District staff are encouraged to be role models and promote health and wellness in all students.

    The District will conduct employee wellness and health (physical and mental) promotion activities at least once per year (to include, but not limited to virtual EAP sessions, physical activity opportunities, stress management, and other such wellness activities).

    Development of staff wellness programs will be based on the input and suggestions from District staff.

    Culture of Health Promotion

    The ultimate goal shall be to establish a school and District culture that promotes health and wellness with a focus on diversity and inclusion on a daily basis. Access to programs and resources that are available within the school, as well as within the community and the region, will be highlighted and made clearly visible to students, staff, and community members.


    School Wellness Committee (SWC)

    School Wellness Committees are to be established and maintained in each school to ensure an array of opportunities for health promotion are available to each school community. School Wellness teams and Healthy Schools Team are encouraged to collaborate, analyze and identify ways to support wellness that supports a positive culture and climate at the school level, collaboratively complete an annual school wellness assessment, and initiate programs that support the students, staff, and school community.