• Health and Wellness Education

    Health and Wellness Education  

    The District understands the importance of health and wellness for all ages and individuals. 

    The District supports a planned, sequential, kindergarten through 12th grade health education curriculum involving skill-based and hands-on learning opportunities that addresses the physical, emotional, mental, behavioral, and social dimensions of health. Health education curriculum promotes lifelong health habits as part of a whole school, child and community experience. Additionally, the Early Childhood Programming provides introductory concepts of physical, mental, social and emotional health and wellness. 

    The curriculum focuses on health literacy to enhance each student’s independent thinking skills and decision-making and is empowered to enhance personal responsibility.

    Health education shall be taught by state-certified health education teachers. Health education instruction will be provided: a. For all students in grades K-8; and b. In grades 9-12 to enable students to meet and exceed the health education graduation requirement.

    Goals for the District’s health education program are to be developmentally appropriate and include culturally-responsive practices. This programming is designed to promote student overall health and wellness and shall be developed in accordance with Board policy. Such goals shall include, but not be limited to, physical health, including nutrition and physical activity, mental health, including self-awareness, self-management, and responsible decision making techniques and social emotional wellbeing, to include social awareness and relationship skills.

    The District’s health education program must be implemented in ways that recognize and value culturally, ethnically, and racially diverse backgrounds.

    Nutrition Education  

    The District aims to teach, model, encourage, and support healthy eating by students including provision of nutrition education and engaging in nutrition promotion. Nutrition education will be provided within the sequential, comprehensive health education program in accordance with curriculum regulations and the State and National Health Education Standards.

    Goals for the District’s health education program shall be designed to promote student wellness and shall be developed in accordance with Board policy. Such goals shall include, but not be limited to, goals for nutrition education and physical activity.

    The District will continue to utilize research-based practices, community partnerships, and other supports to provide students ample opportunities for nutrition education.


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