• District Password Change Information

    Generic passwords (ppsK, pps1, pps2, etc) and passwords containing Student ID Numbers are subject to being compromised.

    Last school year there where over 400 internally compromised passwords in the District. Most of these were generic passwords. The Office of Technology does NOT recommend continuing to use generic passwords or passwords that contain Student ID Numbers. 

    As an added layer of security, beginning August 12th, all student passwords will be a combination of a three letter word, followed by a two-digit number followed by another three letter word.  Passwords will be randomly generated.

    Example: dog45cat 

    Students, depending on the school that attend, may be able to change their password.

  • School List: Password Changed Allowed

  • School List: Password Changes NOT Allowed

  • It is recommended that all students at schools where password changes are allowed set up self-service password reset (SSPR) which will allow them to recover forgotten passwords. 

    Students can set up SSPR by visiting: https://aka.ms/ssprsetup 
    This step is extremely important, as staff will NOT have visibility to student passwords this coming school year for students where password changes are allowed.