• Getting Kids to School


    Responsible for the transportation of all school-aged children that live within the City of Pittsburgh, the District anticipates the need to transport approximately 17,600 students to and from school each day during the 2022-2023 school year. Similar to school districts across the country, Pittsburgh Public Schools (PPS) must transform its approach to transporting students to limit the impact of a national school bus driver shortage, hitting close to home. This shortage became exacerbated due to the lack of work available during the pandemic, while school buses stood still. This ongoing lack of bus drivers requires the District to take steps to ensure every student has reliable transportation every day.

  • Bell Schedule Modifications Consider Staff and Family Input and Maintain Multi-Tiered Bus Schedule  

    While the steps the District has taken to shift more students to Port Authority transportation and implement a multi-tiered bussing system have curbed the impact of the driver shortage, there are no surplus drivers. For the 2022-2023 school year, the District will continue the use of its three-tiered schedule, with the modifications outlined below to enhance planning, increase efficiencies, and improve bus arrival and departure times. The adjustments allow for multi-tiered school bus scheduling while moving Tier 3 schools up by 15 minutes to get students and staff home earlier.  In addition, the Student Achievement Center's start time has been modified to align with District high schools.  

    Tier 1: 7:15 AM to 8:05 AM Start Times
    High Schools, 6-12 schools and special schools such as Conroy, Pioneer, Oliver Citywide and Student Achievement Center

    Tier 2: 8:25 AM Start
    Most neighborhood schools 

    Tier 3: Moved from 9:25 AM Start to 9:10 AM Start 
    Schools serving students traveling from all areas of the city, including magnet schools, partial magnet/neighborhood schools and schools that serve as regional sites for special education students and English as a Second Language.

    Please find below changes to school start and end times for the 2022-2023 school year.

    New Bell Schedule Times and Tiers
    The Board approved modifications to bell schedules at its July 27, 2022 Legislative Meeting.

    Allderdice 1 7:15AM 2:15PM
    Allegheny 6-8 3 9:10AM 3:55PM
    Allegheny K-5 3 9:10AM 3:55PM
    Arlington 2 8:25AM 3:10PM
    Arsenal 6-8 3 9:10AM 3:55PM
    Arsenal K-5 3 9:10AM 3:55PM
    Banksville 3 9:25AM 4:10PM
    Beechwood 3 9:10AM 3:55PM
    Brashear 1 7:15AM 2:15PM
    Brookline 2 8:25AM 3:10PM
    CAPA 6-8 1 8:05AM 3:30PM
    CAPA 9-12 1 7:30AM 3:00PM
    Carmalt 3 9:10AM 3:55PM
    Carrick 1 7:15AM 2:15PM
    Clayton 1 7:28AM 2:00PM
    Colfax 2 8:25AM 3:10PM
    Concord 3 9:10AM 3:55PM
    Conroy 1 7:40AM 2:06PM
    Dilworth 3 9:10AM 3:55PM
    Faison 2 8:25AM 3:10PM
    Fulton 3 9:10AM 3:55PM
    Grandview 2 8:25AM 3:10PM
    Greenfield 2 8:25AM 3:10PM
    King 2 8:25AM 3:10PM
    Langley 2 8:25AM 3:10PM
    Liberty 3 9:10AM 3:55PM
    Lincoln 2 8:25AM 3:10PM
    Linden 3 9:10AM 3:55PM
    Manchester 3 9:10AM 3:55PM
    Mifflin 2 8:25AM 3:10PM
    Miller 2 8:25AM 3:10PM
    Minadeo 2 8:25AM 3:10PM
    Montessori 3 9:10AM 3:55PM
    Morrow 2 8:25AM 3:10PM
    Obama 6-12 1 7:15AM 2:15PM
    Oliver Citywide 1 7:50AM 2:00PM
    Perry 1 7:15AM 2:15PM
    Pgh Classical 3 9:10AM 3:55PM
    Phillips 3 9:10AM 3:55PM
    Pioneer 1 8:00AM 2:11PM
    Roosevelt 2 8:25AM 3:10PM
    Schiller 3 9:10AM 3:55PM
    Sci Tech 6-12 1 7:15AM 2:15PM
    South Brook 2 8:25AM 3:10PM
    South Hills 1 7:15AM 2:15PM
    Spring Hill 2 8:25AM 3:10PM
    Sterrett 3 9:10AM 3:55PM
    Student Achievement 1 7:15AM 2:15PM
    Sunnyside 2 8:25AM 3:10PM
    University Prep 6-12 1 7:15AM 2:15PM
    Weil 2 8:25AM 3:10PM
    West Liberty 2 8:25AM 3:10PM
    Westinghouse 6-12 1 7:15AM 2:15PM
    Westwood 2 8:25AM 3:10PM
    Whittier 2 8:25AM 3:10PM
    Woolslair 3 9:10AM 3:55PM

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