• E-Learning FAQ

    Our FAQ was developed based on frequently asked questions from our community.

    Questions that have recently been added or answers have been updated are marked with **.


  • What is eLearning?

  • What is the difference between synchronous and asynchronous learning?

  • Is the curriculum the same in eLearning and what students will use when they return to in-school classes?

  • What kind of professional training has occurred so that teachers were prepared to provide online instruction?

  • Are there SPECIFIC teachers for the families who choose eLearning and separate teachers for the in-school option?

  • Will students be able to take Advanced Placement courses online?

  • Will all classes be recorded or will a teacher be teaching live?

  • How is live teaching going to be offered to students in eLearning?

  • What are the specific hours for eLearning?

  • Will students participating in eLearning receive letter grades?

  • Will students receive music and art education?

  • What support will be in place for vulnerable households? For instance, a single parent with literacy issues and unable to assist their younger aged child with navigating online instructions?

  • How does online instruction work, especially for the single parents who are still working full time hours?

  • How will schools with major’s work?

  • If students are in day care because parents have to work, who is going to help kids do work at specific times?

  • What does grading look like for the 2020-2021 school year?

Supports for Students with Disabilities

  • My child has special needs requiring more support. What will be offered in terms of additional support regardless of which school option is chosen?

  • What are you going to do about kids that have sensory disorder outlined in their IEP and can’t wear a mask due to those issues?

  • How will students with IEPs get the right type of learning to support them at home?

  • How will the District support students with social/emotional needs?

  • How will students receive behavioral health services?

  • How is social distancing going to work in the autistic support classrooms?

Supports for English Language Learners (EL)

  • My child is an English Language Learner. How will their needs be met?

  • Will the District continue using Talking Points to communicate with EL families?

Physical Education, Athletics, Student Activities and Recess

  • Will children enrolled in full time eLearning get to participate in all school activities and sports if I choose the full time eLearning option?

  • Will students swim at school?

  • What will gym class look like for students?

  • How will students participate in sports?

Early Childhood Education

  • What additional supports are provided for early learners?

  • How are they doing Early Childhood Pre-K when there are 20 children who need to social distance?

  • Are masks required in school for early head start and prekindergarten?

Food Service

  • How will breakfast and lunch be served to students when they return to school?

  • Are students allowed to bring food for lunch?

  • Where will students eat?

  • Will the cafeteria be open?

  • How will breakfast and lunch be served to students participating in eLearning?


  • Will the District provide all students with a device?

  • Who is responsible for damages or broken equipment?

  • Are cameras enabled on student devices?

  • How will we support families that need Wi-Fi?

  • What type of devices will each student receive?

  • Who will help with technology challenges?

  • Do iPads already have the programs needed installed onto them for the students, especially for Pre-k?