• 2021-2022 School Year FAQ

    Our FAQ was developed based on frequently asked questions from our community.

    As the number of Pennsylvanians vaccinated increases and COVID-19 restrictions decrease, Pittsburgh Public Schools looks forward to the safe return of all students for five days a week in-person instruction this Fall.  As we plan for the return to five days a week for the start of the 2021-2022 school year, we will continue to be guided by the recommendations of the CDC, state and local health departments and will be prepared to pivot and adapt as needed.

  • Why is November 29, 2021 now an Asynchronous Learning Day?

Health and Safety Plan

  • - Who do I contact within my child's school to access mental health services? **

  • - What is the plan should there be a positive COVID case in a school location?

  • - What safety measures will be in place during the 2021-2022 school year? **

  • -What will in-school social distancing look like?

  • -Will someone be doing temperature screenings at the door?

  • - Is Personal Protective Equipment available for students and staff?

  • -If a teacher or student tests positive, does the whole class quarantine?

  • -Will students and teachers be required to wear masks all day?

  • - What is the max number of students per classroom?**

  • - What will in-school social distancing look like?

  • - What is the distance between student desks?

  • - Will cafeterias & gym space be turned into classrooms to maintain social distancing?

  • -How much input/suggestions are you getting from medical professionals such as the Allegheny County Health Department or UPMC/Allegheny Health Network?


  • -Who is eligible for transportation from Pittsburgh Public Schools?

  • - Will the District continue to provide transportation to students that live in the City of Pittsburgh but attend private, parochial or charter schools?

  • - What is the District doing to address the school bus shortage?

  • - Will transportation be available for all students?

  • - Will students attending school on a PS-6 transfer receive transportation?

  • - When will the Board vote on the new school start times?

  • - Will students riding yellow busses or vans be required to wear masks and social distance?

  • - What if I do not want to use Yellow Bus or Port Authority transportation?

  • Port Authority:

  • - Will my child be required to wear a mask when riding Port Authority transportation?

  • - When will my child receive their student ID/Connect Card?

  • - Are there tools to help plan my child’s transportation on Port Authority?

  • - What COVID-19 health and safety precautions are in place with the Port Authority?

  • - Would children be able to catch a school bus rather than take Port Authority bus?

Food Service

  • - Are supply chain issues impacting school lunch?**

  • - How will breakfast and lunch be served to students when they return to school?

  • - Are students allowed to bring food for lunch?

  • - Where will students eat?

  • - Will the cafeteria be open?

Cleaning Procedures

  • - What will be the cleaning protocol for schools?

  • - What types of EPA products will the District use?

  • - How will the District’s schools and facilities be cleaned?

  • - What social distancing practices will be enforced?

  • - Will bus companies be required to follow a cleaning protocol?

  • - What is the District doing to improve ventilation?

Remote Instruction

  • - Is there a full-time remote option available?**

  • - Is the Pittsburgh Online Academy (POA) Asynchronous or Synchronous? **

  • -What is the deadline for applying to Pittsburgh Online Academy? **

  • - Will my student lose their magnet school status if they attend Pittsburgh Online Academy?**

  • -Can my student transition back to their neighborhood or magnet school at any time during the 2021-2022 school year? **

  • - How will my child participate in athletics or extracurricular activities? **

  • -Will my child be eligible to receive transportation when they transition back to their neighborhood or magnet school from POA?**

  • - Will my student lose their magnet status if I enroll my child at a NonPPS School? **

  • -How can I learn more about the Pittsburgh Online Academy?**

  • - I am undecided about what is best for my child. What do you advise?**

  • - What is the difference between synchronous and asynchronous learning?

Physical Education, Athletics, Student Activities and Recess

  • - Can schools utilize the pool and/or teach swimming in physical education this school year? **

  • - How will students participate in sports?

  • - What will physical education look like for students? **

  • -Will spectators be allowed at sporting events?

Supports for Students with Disabilities

  • - My child has special needs requiring more support. What will be offered in terms of additional support regardless of which school option is chosen?

  • - What are you going to do about kids that have sensory disorder outlined in their IEP and can’t wear a mask due to those issues?

  • - How will the District support students with social/emotional needs?

Early Childhood Education

  • - How are they doing Early Childhood Pre-K when there are 20 children who need to social distance?

  • - Are masks required in school for early head start and prekindergarten?

Supports for English Language Learners (EL)

  • - My child is an English Language Learner. How will their needs be met?

  • - Will the District continue using Talking Points to communicate with EL families?


  • What is the purpose of the Acceptable Use Policy form?**

  • What if I have not been able to return my child's district-issued device?**

  • - How will students get their device for the new school year?**

  • - Who is responsible for damages or broken equipment? **

  • - Are cameras enabled on student devices?

  • - What type of devices will each student receive?

  • - Who will help with technology challenges?

  • - Do iPads already have the programs needed installed onto them for the students, especially for Pre-k?

Parent Organizations and Volunteers

  • - Will PSCC meetings be held monthly?

Community Organizations

  • - Will students have access to before and aftercare at school?

  • - Will community partners be permitted in school?

Staff Focused

  • - How can I receive coverage for COVID-19 testing if I do not have health coverage?