Annual Public Notice of Special Education Services and Programs, Services for Protected Handicapped Students, and Services for Gifted Students 
    Notice to Parents 
    The School District of Pittsburgh provides the following annual notice regarding child find responsibilities to parents and families residing within the School District in accordance with state and federal laws and regulations. School districts, intermediate units (IUs) and charter schools are required to conduct child find activities for children who may be eligible for services via the Individuals with Disabilities in Education Act (IDEA) and 22 Pa. Code Chapter 14 as well as those who may be eligible for services via Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 (Section 504) and 22 Pa. Code Chapter 15. For additional information related to special education and related services, parents may refer to the IDEA and its implementing regulations, Chapter 14, and the Basic Education Circulars relating to special education. For additional information related to Section 504/Chapter 15 services, the parent may refer to Section 504, Chapter 15, and the Basic Education Circular entitled Implementation of Chapter 15. Also, school districts are required to conduct child find activities for children who may be eligible for gifted services via 22 Pa. Code Chapter 16. For additional information regarding gifted services, the parent may refer to 22 Pa. Code Chapter 16. If a student is both gifted and eligible for special education, the procedures in IDEA and Chapter 14 shall take precedence.
    This notice shall inform parents throughout the School District of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh- Mt. Oliver Intermediate Unit, and charter schools of the child identification activities and of the procedures followed to ensure confidentiality of information pertaining to students with disabilities and eligible young children. In addition to this public notice, the school district, intermediate unit, and charter schools shall publish written information in the handbook and on the web site ( Children ages three through twenty one can be eligible for special education programs and services. If parents believe that the child may be eligible for special education, the parent should contact the appropriate staff member identified at the end of this public notice. 

    Identification activities are performed to find a child who is suspected of having a disability that would interfere with his or her learning unless special education programs and services are made available. These activities are sometimes called screening activities. The activities include: review of group data, conducting hearing and vision screening, assessment of student’s academic functioning, observation of the student displaying difficulty in behavior and determining the student’s response to attempted remediation. Input from parents is also an information source for identification. After a child is identified as a suspected child with a disability, he or she is evaluated, but is not evaluated before parents give permission for their child to be evaluated. 

    The School District of Pittsburgh will be providing ongoing screening services. If you wish to learn more, have questions, or believe your child may need to be identified, please contact your child’s school Principal. For further assistance, please contact Pittsburgh Public Schools Program for Students with Exceptionalities at 412-529-3132.
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    الإشعار العام السنوي للخدمات التعليمية والبرامج الخاصة، خدمات الطلاب المعاقين المحميين، وخدمات الطلاب الموهوبين 
    Ежегодное публичное уведомление о специальных образовательных услугах и программах, услугах для учащихся с ограниченными воз 
    Aviso Público Anual de Servicios de Educación Especial y los Programas, Servicios para Estudiantes Discapacitados, Protegido
    Children age three through the age of admission to first grade are also eligible if they have developmental delays and, as a result, need special education and related services. Developmental delay is defined as a child who is less than the age of beginners and at least 3 years of age and is considered to have a developmental delay when one of the following exists: (i) The child’s score, on a developmental assessment device, on an assessment instrument which yields a score in months, indicates that the child is delayed by 25% of the child’s chronological age in one or more developmental areas. (ii) The child is delayed in one or more of the developmental areas, as documented by test performance of 1.5 standard deviations below the mean on standardized tests. Developmental areas include cognitive, communicative, physical, social/emotional and self-help. For additional information you may contact the Early Intervention Office of the Pittsburgh Public Schools at 412.323.3960. 
    The Child Find Mandate: What Does It Mean To You?
  • The Pittsburgh Public Schools (PPS) does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, disability or age in its programs, activities or employment and provides equal access to the Boy Scouts and other designated youth groups. Inquiries may be directed to the Title IX Coordinator or the Section 504/ADA Title II Coordinator at 341 Bellfield Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15213 or 412.529.HELP (4357).