• Counseling, Psychological, and Social Work Services


    Services provided include broad-based individual and group assessment, interventions, and referrals that attend to the mental, emotional, behavioral, and social health of students and staff. Services include those currently offered by the Office of Student Support Services, Program for Students with Exceptionalities, Employee Assistance Program (EAP) and other school-based community resources, as well as appropriate enhancements that are or become available from various partners. 


    Methods and procedures through the Student Assistance Program (SAP) are used to help to identify students with social, emotional, and/or behavioral needs and make meaningful connections to appropriate support providers. Each member of the school community shall have timely and appropriate access to school social workers, school counselors, school psychologists, and school-based behavioral health partners.

    Students and staff shall have access to continued professional development and support in implementation of culturally responsive and restorative practices that are inclusive of social-emotional learning in building positive and safe school climates that are conducive to learning.

    District staff shall collaborate with families, community partners, and school-based mental/behavioral health providers to engage in student assistance programming that is responsive to school-based needs.

    Behavioral Interventions

    School-based behavioral and mental health providers shall coordinate timely and appropriate prevention and intervention training for school staff. School-based mental health providers shall implement interventions to address school-wide positive behavior supports within school settings.

    Continued improvement will be observed by school-based teams through review of annual universal screening data, student assistance program data, and school-wide positive behavior support data through their multi-tiered systems of support data analysis process.

    Staff shall have access to and are trained in de-escalation and crisis management strategies to maintain school-based crisis teaming and safe school climates.


  • List of Counselors and Social Workers (sorted by Location)

Last Name First Name Location Title Email Ext.
Runco Elena Admin Building Director- School Social Workers erunco1@pghschools.org 3918
Woodard Carrie Admin Building Director- School Counselors cwoodard1@pghschools.org 3984
Jackson Dr. Raina Admin Building Project Manager - Equity, Restorative, Community rjackson2@pghschools.org 3985
Garnett Tamara Allderdice Student Services Assistant tgarnett1@pghschools.org 4846
Genter Debra Allderdice Social Worker dgenter1@pghschools.org 4884
Hand Amy Allderdice Counselor ahand1@pghschools.org 4813
Harris Tica Allderdice Counselor tharris1@pghschools.org 4812
Hecht Dana Allderdice Counselor dhecht1@pghschools.org 4834
Ionadi Maggie Allderdice Transition Counselor mionadi1@pghschools.org 4832
Stonestreet Courtney Allderdice Transition Counselor cstonestreet1@pghschools.org 4836
Van Luik Lyndsey Allderdice Counselor lvanluik1@pghschools.org 4890
Wilson Leanne Allderdice Social Worker lwilson4@pghschools.org 4880
Anderson Janiece Allegheny 6-8 Social Worker janderson2@pghschools.org 5295
Ward Laura Allegheny K-5 Social Worker lward1@pghschools.org 4106
Henry Andrew Arlington K-8 Social Worker ahenry2@pghschools.org 5203
Medrano Marshall Arlington K-8 Counselor mmedrano1@pghschools.org 5403
Rosser Cassandra Arsenal 6-8 Social Worker crosser1@pghschools.org 3097
Tillman Monica Arsenal 6-8 Social Worker mtillman1@pghschools.org 5750
Mason Shanekka Arsenal PreK-5 Counselor smason2@pghschools.org 5796
Sumper Julie Banksville K-5 Counselor jsumper1@pghschools.org 7423
Konarski Rebecca Beechwood PreK-5 Social Worker rkonarski2@pghschools.org 7394
Jeffers Molly Brashear H.S. Transition Counselor mjeffers1@pghschools.org 7318
Kesich Taylor Brashear H.S. Transition Counselor tkesich1@pghschools.org 7317
Kuhns Julianne Brashear H.S. Counselor jkuhns1@pghschools.org 7316
Niedomys Amber Brashear H.S. Counselor aniedomys1@pghschools.org 7352