• Professional Learning Platform (Training)   


    Substitute Employees will have the opportunity to engage in Professional Learning through the Professional Learning Platform. All new substitute employees are required to complete an asynchronous (recorded) Substitute Orientation Course.Beginning in the 2023-2024 school year, returning substitute employees are required to complete a shorter, asynchronous (recorded) Substitute Training Course. Below you will find information on the courses available to you, how to register for courses, complete courses, and earn credit for completion.  


    Professional Learning Courses  

    • New Substitute Orientation (required for all new Substitute employees)  
    • Returning Substitute Training (required for all returning Substitute employees) 


    Register for Courses  

    First, visit the PPS Staff page. Then, scroll down and select “Professional Learning Platform.”    


    Follow the Directions for Asynchronous Professional Learning to log in to the Professional Learning Platform. The name of the required asynchronous course includes “Substitute Orientation,” or “Substitute Training,” and it is tagged under “Substitutes.”  


    Once you register for a course, you will receive e-mail confirmation from truenorthlogic.com as well as requests to complete feedback surveys for professional learning experiences. 


    Complete Courses  

    1. Navigate to thePPS Staff page. 
    2. Select “Professional Learning Platform” from the blue Employee Tools section. 
    3. Login to the Professional Learning Platform using your PPS email address and password.
    4. Select the “Courses” tab. Once you have registered for a course using the instructions above (or once you have been pre-registered by staff), your courses will appear in the menu entitled “My Courses.”
    5. Select the desired course you wish to complete at this time. When you select the desired course, you will see the following login screen to login to Schoology. Do not immediately type in your username and password. 
    6. Click on SSO Login on the bottom right of the login box. A new window will appear. SSO means Single Sign-On, therefore no username or password is required. 
    7. Once you open the new window, type Pittsburgh Public Schools and two schools will appear, please click on the one with the green arrow (2006418464) and click Login.
    8. This will take you to the Schoology course shell automatically. Do not check the “Remember my school” box as your access will not work.
    9. Work through each module, carefully reviewing each video and the associated questions. Make sure that each module is completed with a green check mark.   


    Earn Credit  

    Once you complete the required asynchronous Substitute Orientation course(s), you are eligible for payment. 


    If you are a new substitute employee and you complete the New Substitute Orientation, you will be paid $23.32/hour for a pre-determined length of time. After completing ALL the modules in the course, you will receive payment within 1-2 paychecks.


    Act 48 hours will be earned after successful completion of asynchronous courses.  


    If you need additional support after reviewing the directions, webinar and support videos, please contact the Office of Professional Learning via Let's Talk.  

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