• Professional Learning

    Substitutes will have the opportunity to engage in Professional Learning through the Professional Learning Platform. For the 2020-2021 school year all substitutes must participate in the Microsoft Teams and Schoology trainings that have been scheduled specifically for subs. Below is important regarding how to register for the courses.

    General Information

    • Advance registration via the PPS Professional Learning Platform is expected from all substitutes for the professional learning day (TBD) and future professional learning.
    • Please have your Smart Phone or iPad with your Performance Matters App downloaded with you (directions below) to sign in and out via QR Codes (reader included in the App) of your professional learning sessions. If you do not have a Smart Phone, the instructor will be able to provide assistance.
    • PPIDs are no longer needed for signing in and out for Act 48 purposes as that information is connected to the new PPS Professional Learning Platform.
    • Once you register for courses, you will receive e-mail confirmation from truenorthlogic.com as well as requests to complete feedback surveys for professional learning experiences.

    Steps For Success

    1. Step 1 – Review the Registering For Courses in The Professional Learning Platform document. This document provides directions for registration and accessing the PPS Performance Matters platform. 
    2. Step 2 – Download the free Performance Matters Mobile App via Apple Store or Google Play. Once downloaded, the code 4WtpqV is used to access the PPS Performance Matters platform. You will then be asked to select Staff Login and insert your full e-mail address (Ex. wwonka1@pghschools.org) and current password. You will be able to see your schedule. For video assistance, please click this link.
    3. Step 3 – Please click here to view a short video on understanding attendance procedures as a participant using the Mobile app. Attendance is taken at each session (at the beginning and the end) and you will use your Smart Phone to do so. If you do not have a Smart Phone, the instructor will be able to take attendance for you. Again, you no longer have to enter PPIDs for Act 48 hours.

    If you need additional support after reviewing the directions, webinar and support videos, please contact members of the Office of Professional Learning – Ms. Rebecca Sechrist via e-mail at rsechrist1@pghschools.org or Dr. Wayne Walters via e-mail at wwalters1@pghschools.org.