• Apps and Resources

    APPS To Help Manage Your Mental Health

    1. notOK – used for suicide prevention, users are able to add up to 5 trusted contacts as part of their support group and when the user hits the digital panic putton a message and gps location is sent to their contact with a message “Hey, I’m not OK! Please call, text, or come find me.” FREE
    2. What’s Up – uses cognitive behavioral therapy to help the user cope with depression, anxiety, and stress. There is a positive and negative habit tracker to maintain good habits, and break counterproductive habits. “Get Grounded” page which has questions to pinpoint feelings. “Thinking Patterns” page, assists you in stopping negative monologues. FREE
    3. Mood Kit  Has over 200 different mood improvement activities to help change think process, develop self awareness and healthy attitudes. There is a journal feature which allows you to reflect on the day. 4.99
    4. Quit That! – Helps users quits habits FREE
    5. Mind Shift – Designed specifically for teens and young adults with anxiety. This app stresses the importance of changing how you think of anxiety. FREE
    6. Self-Help for Anxiety Management – Perfect for you if you’re interested in self-help but meditation isn't your thing. You build your own anxiety toolkit that allows you to track anxious thoughts and behavior over time. FREE
    7. CBT Thought Record Diary – Document negative thoughts, analyze flaws in your thinking and reevlauate your thoughts. FREE
    8. Happify – FREE
    9. MoodTools – Helpful videos that improve mood and behavior, develop your own safety plan FREE
    10. Recovery Record – Great for anyone recovering from an eating disorder. FREE
    11. nOCD – Mindfulness and exposure response prevention treatment FREE
    12. Lifesum – Broader resource for all things healthy living, also allows you to track your progress FREE
    13. Breathe2Relax – Portable stress management toll. FREE
    14. Headspace – Learn skills of mindfulness and meditation on everything from stress and anxiety to sleep and focus FREE
    15. Calm – Provides people experiencing stress and anxiety with guided meditations, sleep stories, breathing programs ad relaxing music. 12.99