Equity Office

  • Mission, Vision and Focus


    We want to empower the PPS community to provide each child equitable access to high quality learning environments, while identifying and removing cultural, structural, racial and social barriers that could impede their​​​ opportunities to become ready for college, career, and life.​ 

    Our mission is to:

    PROVIDE ACCESS - Provide whatever supports and accommodations are necessary to ensure all students have access to the same opportunities; giving students whatever they need to achieve the outcome.

    REMOVE BARRIERS - Eliminate policies, practices, attitudes and cultural messages that reinforce differential outcomes by race or fail to eliminate them—i.e., addressing the root cause of racial disparities.
    (Source: Center for Assessment and Policy Development)​

    Within the Office of Equity, we strive to:

    • Accelerate student achievement by implementing sustainable, capacity-building strategies for systemic equity through district-wide professional development and coaching. 
    • ​Eliminate racial disparities by reviewing and monitoring policies and practices for equitable education through school level and executive level equity support.
    • Increase access to opportunities by delivering on-site mentoring and enrichment to African American males and females through Student Equity Advocates and Promise of Sisterhood programming.
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