Student Equity Advocates

Student Equity Advocates - 8 Black people
  • Student Equity Advocates are assigned by the Office of Equity to consistently support designated groups of historically marginalized students across secondary (6-12 and 9-12) schools by increasing their access to positive role models, extended learning, and social, cultural, and racial identity enrichment. Student Equity Advocates support student development in positive racial identity through formal and informal mentoring and partnering with family- school- and community stakeholders with the aim of strengthening students’ sense of belonging and agency, relationships with their peers and community, and investment in education that will foster current and future success and life-readiness. 


    IF we teach historically marginalized students the language of inequality, create spaces for them to interrogate racism and experience racial uplift, and support them in exercising personal agency, THEN they will develop a more positive racial identity that will result in:

    • Positive self-perception 

    • Sense of belonging in/positive attitude about one’s own group 

    • Higher resilience, self-efficacy and self esteem 

    • Academic success 

    • Reduced risky behaviors 

    • Decreased stereotype threat 

    • Decreased effects of teacher discrimination


    • Direct support to eligible students through: a) formal delivery of mentoring curriculum, b) formal and informal check-ins with individual students, c) off-site experiential learning opportunities, and d) Quarterly gatherings
    • Partnering with school-based staff, central office staff, community providers, and parents/guardians to remove barriers and create access to opportunities
    • Regular facilitation of racial equity professional development and coaching