Racial Equity Learning Resources

3 teacher pictures: 2 Black women charting together, Black woman taking notes, 1 white woman & 1 white man working together
  • Antiracism requires a commitment to lifelong learning. One does not “arrive” at a place where new learning is no longer necessary.  While taking in information about race and racism is only one part of the antiracist’s journey, antiracist action cannot occur without deep learning and reflection.  Here, we provide resources to support and sustain the development of a racial and equity consciousness for central administration, school-based educators and leaders, parents and family, and students — offering links to articles, videos, webinars, guides, podcasts, and comprehensive web sites for you to access on your own or with a learning community.  We invite each individual to enter at whatever developmental stage—new to antiracism, deep in self-reflection and self-interrogation, working to better understand antiracist practice, or actively working against racism.