• Frontline Campus User (Timekeepers)

    All District timekeepers will receive both a “Campus User” and an "Employee User" account to access Frontline.

    Timekeepers are responsible for reconciling employee absences, vacancies, and and substitute time worked in Frontline. Timekeepers will only enter employee absences when employees cannot enter their own due to extenuating circumstances. Occasionally, Timekeepers may be required to assign a substitute to an absence or vacancy. Timekeepers must use the reconcile feature in Frontline daily to verify that the absence requests, substitute days worked, and payments are correct before each payroll cutoff date.

    For further information on how to use Frontline Absence Management (Frontline), we encourage you to complete the Frontline Absence Management Campus User Interactive Training. Please note that training takes approximately 30 minutes. You may also refer to the resources listed below.


  • Frontline Campus User Notifications (Timekeepers)

    All District timekeepers may receive Event Notification emails for one of the six following reasons:

    • When an absence is created, cancelled, deleted, unfilled, filled, or reconciled
    • When the absence reason, date, times, school, or type is modified
    • When the absence notes to substitute, to administrator, or to administrator only are modified
    • When a substitute is removed from the job
    • When substitute report times are modified
    • When the accounting, budget, or pay code is modified

    All District timekeepers may consider using Microsoft Outlook's rules to manage and organize Event Notifications emails coming into their email inbox.


    Frontline Campus User Resources (Timekeepers)

  • Frontline Substitute School Visibility 

    In order to exclude a substitute, please email subservices@pghschools.org with the name of the substitute and a rationale for the exclusion. This rationale will be included in the comments in Frontline for the exclusion of the substitute. Please make sure the school principal is included in this email.