• Frontline Employee User 

    All District employees with the exception of day-to-day substitutes will receive an “Employee User" account to access Frontline. 

    As an employee user, it is your responsibility to enter your absence requests (Sick Days, Personal Days, Vacation Days, etc.) into the system to guarantee accurate pay and accrual tracking, in addition to correct coverage if a substitute is needed. If an employee is going to be absent for 5 or more consecutive sick days the employee must follow the Leave of Absence Request procedures.

    Frontline can be accessed by employees via a mobile application, a web-based application, and a dial-in phone system without having to be within the PPS Network. Once downloaded, employees may need to enter the four-digit invitation code which is 7354 to access Frontline via the Frontline mobile app on your smartphone. To access Frontline via the dial-in Frontline service employees must call the toll-free number 1-800-942-3767. In order to access the dial-in Frontline service you must use your Phone Login ID (Phone Login) and PIN. Please note that your Phone Login ID will be your main phone number registered on your employee record. In order to officially update your personal information (phone, address, email, etc) with the District, you must fill out the Pittsburgh Public Schools Personnel Information Change Request Form.

    For further information on how to use Frontline Absence Management (Frontline), we encourage you to complete the Employee Basic Training Video and the Employee Advanced Training Video. You may also refer to the Frontline Employee User Resources listed below.

  • Frontline Employee User Notifications

    All District Employee Users receive Event Notification emails for the following:

    • When an absence is denied
    • When an absence is approved
    • When an absence is reconciled
    • When an absence is newly filled/unfilled

    All District Employee Users will not receive Event Notification emails for the following:

    • When an absence is created, deleted, or split
    • When the absence time has been modified
    • When the absence type has been modified
    • When the absence date has been modified

    All District employees may consider using Microsoft Outlook's rules to manage and organize Event Notifications emails coming into their email inbox.


    Frontline Employee User Resources