• Chapman's Personal Project Page


    If I am asking you to put yourself out there by doing a Personal Project, I will walk this same path with you.  


    You can follow my progress here, if you are nebby, or want to see what someone else is doing for their Project.


    I don't have my entire project together yet, bu I know that I want it to involve playing the bass.  It's something I've alsways wanted to do, and this is a chance to get better at it.  I think I will try to get to the point where I can play along with a song, slightly more complicated than the 12 bar blues (with a recording, not live)  and learn 1 or two "cool" bass lilnes that I can play and sound impressive with.


    Process Journal Updates.

    Here is my Journal  I am old school so keepging notes in a spiral notebook.

    journal page 1  Uploaded 11/6


    Bassline/ Bass Line  (This is where I will be able to compare how much better I am at the end of the project than when I started)

    Groove is in the heart baseline