• AACAS Executive Committee

    Four students posing in front of AACAS presentation during Symposium The AACAS Executive Committee is a separate entity of the AACAS Council, which comprises of  African American gifted and talented students from each of the nine high schools in the Pittsburgh Public Schools district. They meet monthly and are guided and sponsored by Superintendent, Dr. Wayne N. Walters. Each year, they organize and deliver an annual symposium for all AACAS students. The symposium includes student workshops, guest speakers, and a teen forum.

    The African American Centers for Advanced Studies Executive Committee is broken up into three branches offering multiple ways for the students to get involved:

    Logistics Branch

    The logistics branch ensures all students and presenters are accounted for, the daily schedules are in order, and all the minuscule details that allow for everything to run smoothly are finalized.

    Marketing Branch

    The marketing branch is the outreach team for AACAS, responsible for contacting and securing speakers and working with the Logistics Branch to assign speakers to their designated areas. They also take care of all social platforms and networking.


    Teen-Froum is responsible for the presentation that makes up the second half of the annual symposium. In 30-40 minutes, talented and energetic members of the AACAS Council engage with the entirety of the AACAS students across the Pittsburgh Public Schools district with a message derived from the symposium theme.