• English Language Arts Assessment

    Assessment Name Time of Administration Grade Levels Purpose
    DIBELS Fall, Winter, Spring K-2 This screener is used to assess the acquisition of early literacy skills and progress monitor the development of foundational skills.
    GRADE (computer-based) Fall, Winter, Spring 3-8 This is used to assess the developmental skills students have mastered and help pinpoint where students need instruction or intervention. It is also used to place students into the iLit program for intervention, reinforcement, and enrichment.
    Interim Assessments After each unit at the end of each nine week grading period 3-10 These assessments are used to determine whether students have mastered the standards in a specific curricular unit. The data allows teachers to highlight which standards and concepts students grasped and which may require additional attention.
    Predictive Assessment Winter 3-10 This assessment is used to predict student performance on the PSSA/Keystone. It will help determine the gaps and areas of opportunities for students based on the content taught and content to be taught. The information may inform future adjustments to the curriculum.
    PSSA Spring 3-8 This state assessment is a standardized assessment that is designed to measure a student’s level of proficiency on key grade-level standards. It is developed by the of Pennsylvania Department of Education.
    Reading Inventory Fall, Winter, Spring 6-8

    This assessment measures reading level growth throughout the year and

    is used to place students into the READ180 or System 44 interventions based on their Lexile level (reading level).

    Phonics Inventory Fall, Winter, Spring 6-8 This assessment determines final placement into the System 44 Intervention (only administered to students who score below 600L on the Reading Inventory).
    Keystone Literature Exam Winter and Spring High School The Keystone Exam is a standardized assessment administered to the public schools of Pennsylvania. The test has been developed by the Pennsylvania Department of Education. Meeting or exceeding proficiency on the exam is a graduation requirement.
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