• Health and Physical Education

  • The Pittsburgh Public Schools Health and Physical Education Department is designed to create an equitable, accessible and high-quality standard-based educational experience for all students. The department and courses are designed to ensure and promote our students understand, identify, and participate in lifelong health and physical activity throughout their lifespan. The department understands the importance of ensuring all of our students comprehend the benefits, rationale, skills, and implementation of lifelong physical activity and fitness, character education, personal and community health, and provide opportunities to learn the skills necessary to apply each to their daily life. Furthermore, health and physical education integrates character, social, and emotional skills to aide in the development of the whole child.



    The Health and Physical Education programs aim to create lifelong health, physical activity, and fitness and assist in improving student achievement, attendance and graduations rates by engaging students in active participation, shared content integration, equitability, and culturally responsive practices that provides a connection to their school, community and the world. Through these factors Health and Physical Education courses will aide in creating and maintaining a healthy lifestyle now and throughout life, as well as characteristics such as the development and improvement of brain function, the ability to handle daily stressors, adversity, and overall wellbeing.



    The mission of the Health and Physical Education (HPE) Department is to offer an equitable, high-quality standards-based curriculum that provides the whole-child a variety of opportunities to be active and the development of understanding and importance of both how and why should apply these practices in order to live an healthy lifestyle that ensures the mind and body can function at it maximum potential. The HPE Department aims to ensure our students have a full foundation of both knowledge and application in the many aspects of physical fitness and activity, as well as personal and community health to warrants lifelong practices.


    Instructional Philosophy

    The Pittsburgh Public Schools Health and Physical Education Department believes in educating the whole child throughout their time at PPS. We believe in providing an accessible, equitable, high-quality standard-based curriculum that provides our students the both the understanding and application of the importance of being healthy and physically active throughout their lives.

    This begins in elementary with addressing foundational motor and movement skills, personal health concepts, character education and social emotional learning, and the understanding of the 5-components of fitness and expands into the secondary by addressing a variety of sport, physical activity, and fitness skills and strategies, personal and community health concepts, continued social emotional and character education, and functional fitness concepts, that will help ensure lifelong fitness, physical activity, healthy behaviors, community health, self- and social-awareness, leadership and cooperative skills, as well as multiple other beneficial characteristics and skills.

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  • Curriculum Department Contact Information

    Ryan Eldridge, Health, Physical Education, and Wellness Coordinator
    Email: reldridge1@pghschools.org


Health & PE Resource Video Examples

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