Academic Software Access


    Software in education can be complex.  In a world of apps, websites, digital resources and a neverending list of new services being developed all the time, it can be difficult to stay up to date.  It is also very difficult for teachers and students to know which materials are necessary for theor grade, content area and learning needs.  The Office of Information Tehcnology uses a common single sign on tool called Clever to make some of this a little easier. 

    Clever is an easy way for your students to access all the learning applications they use at school in one location.  When a student logs in, applications necessary for that students grade, age or school are delivered to them rather than everything at once.  By working with the Curriculum and Instrution team, the Office of Information and Technology are always aimed at simplifying student access and logins in a secure and sustainable format.  

    Students log on to Clever using their PPS username and password and then select one of their learning tools to launch the application.


    Use of the Google Chrome browser is required, and home-based users will be prompted to install the Clever extension the first time a student logs on from home. First time user? Watch our Clever video here!

    Need help accessing your student’s login credentials? Call or email: 412-429-HELP (4357) | support@pghschools.org

Last Modified on September 30, 2019