• Tripod Student Perceptions of School and Classroom Conditions Dashboard

    The Tripod Survey is a confidential survey that provides the District an opportunity to collect valuable feedback from students about their experiences at school and with their classroom teachers. It is given twice a year to a subset of students at each grade level and asks questions that help PPS understand students’ perspectives on the learning environments of their schools and classrooms, as well as the effectiveness of the instruction they receive every day.

    The dashboard below displays the results from the Tripod survey for questions pertaining to student perceptions of school and classroom conditions. The results are summarized for the past three school years and are broken down by school configuration since students are given slightly different survey questions in each age group.

    For best results, please use one of the following supported web browsers: Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, IE 11, Mozilla Firefox. Please contact support@pghschools.org if you encounter any issues.

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