• Out-of-School Time Strategic Partner

    Center of Life



    Center of Life serves 500-600 youth a year and those students have 93% Average school attendance, 2.9 Average Cumulative GPA, 2.8 Average Quarterly GPA, and 85% Pittsburgh Promise Eligibility

  • COL Krunk Movement Performance

  • Center of Life (COL) is a community-empowerment organization located in the Greater Hazelwood Neighborhood of Pittsburgh, PA. Our programs focus on music and arts, athletics, and education. 

    • The KRUNK Movement is a youth production company for students in grades 9-12 focusing on the elements of hip-hop through dance, song production, and visual art. By exploring past and current events, KRUNK’s music engages its listeners by discussing the importance of social justice and promoting positive mental and physical wellness. The program is designed as a “micro-enterprise” and teaches students the skills and professionalism needed to succeed in the music industry. 
    • COL Jazz mentors young musicians using a tailored approach that builds upon each student’s individual skill level. With three ensembles — Combo, Large Ensemble, and Bucket Band — COL Jazz offers a variety of instruction for students in grades K-12. 
    • Fusion provides homework assistance, tutoring, educational enrichment activities (mostly S.T.E.A.M.-based activities), and a meal for youth in grades K-12. 
    • A sister program to Fusion, Crossover reiterates academic skills and character building for youth in grades K-12 through athletic and hands-on activities. 
    • Family Engagement works under the guidance of our Family Engagement Coordinator to provide families with the knowledge, tools, and strategies they need to move from surviving to thriving. Some of the key components of this work include bringing in behavioral specialists, organizing weekly parent meetings to create a network for shared learning and support, and counseling sessions. 
    • Center of Life also offers four unique summer camps every year: Voices, which focuses on academics and physical education for those in K-12; COL Jazz, which provides students in grades 4-12 vocal and instrumental instruction and performance opportunities; Star Camp, a youth micro-enterprise operated as a production company by students in grades 9-12 that creates and publishes hip-hop music and art for their peers and communities; COL Basketball League occurs twice a week and is open to both boys and girls ages 6-17. Parents also have the opportunity to participate during the summer through Family Engagement.