Technology Management Committee


    The purpose of the Technology Management Committee (TMC) is to streamline the software and hardware recommendations brought before the Executive Cabinet by ensuring compliance of common district practices and expectations when it comes to software and hardware purchases and engagements (grants, partnerships, external supports, etc).  The TMC is charged to author all current technology management procedures and maintain updated lists of supported and unsupported software and hardware.  The goal of the TMC is to help support better implementation and program evaluation governance for district and school-based investments, but most importantly broadening the compliance with common district practices and expectations when it comes to existing software and hardware, and the relevant supports.  

    The TMC will meet every 2nd Wednesday of the month to review monthly board tabs, share software and hardware purchasing inquiries to the Executive Cabinet, review existing and new technology management procedures and review the pulse or regular support trends so that improvements can be suggested and implemented.  Responsibilities as such are as follows:

    • Norm all IT procedures for district hardware/software purchases and support
    • Govern all school-based technology requests and technology dependent engagements ​
    • Maintain the districts inventory of support and unsupported software and hardware
    • Establish a consistent recommendation process to the Executive Cabinet for new district technical purchases​ or technology dependent engagements 
    • Ensure sound budgeting and return on investment marks are kept in alignment with our fiscal means​

    * The logistics of these meetings will be carried by IT Leadership to maintain minutes of meetings, documentation of procedures, norms and decisions, and establish a common location where information from these meetings can be shared and referenced district-wide.  

    Note:  The TMC is not a decision-making body.  All items reviewed will be summarized for the Executive Cabinet to weigh in on and then determine an informed adoption or rejection.  Materials produced by the TMC can easily be shared through board tabs to greater reflect the business need, intended use, and broad evaluation process of any technical purchase or engagement.

Last Modified on September 27, 2019