• Winter-Torres Family

    The Winters-Torres Family
    (Left to Right) Verletha Winters-Torres, Tia Torres, Daniel Winters


    The Winters-Torres family is deeply rooted in the historic Hill District.  Family members have attended Hill District schools like Fifth Avenue High School, Schenley High School, Margaret Milliones Middle Schools, and Pittsburgh University Preparatory School at Margaret Milliones. 

    Daniel Torres Their family motto is “family is community and community is family.” The Winters-Torres family carry this motto like a badge of honor. Led by patriarch Daniel Winters, this family advocates for other families.

    “My family believes if they have the information that can help someone, then they’ll share it or if they are in a position to fight for someone’s rights by speaking on their behalf then they will,” said Tia Torres, a third generation PPS graduate.

    Mr. Winters ran track at Fifth Avenue High School, graduating in 1964. He worked for Jones and Laughlin Steel Company for over 25 years. Mr. Winters educates and advocates for current and formerly incarcerated individuals, fighting for their civil rights.

    Verletta Winters-Torress His daughter, Verletha, graduated from Schenley High School in 1984. At Schenley, Ms. Winters-Torres played tennis and softball.  She also was a cheerleader and participated in the school’s musicals. Currently, Ms. Winters-Torres is an Administrative Assistant at the VA Pittsburgh Healthcare System in Oakland. In her spare time, she mobilizes and educates black veterans on their rights.

    Ms. Winters-Torres has five children.  Her two youngest children are currently students at Pittsburgh Obama, and her daughter, Tia, graduated from Pittsburgh Milliones in 2012.

    Tia was a part of every leadership program available in high school; TeenBloc, Pittsburgh Young Leaders Academy, Debate Team, Basketball (Schenley and Obama), Softball and Spanish Club. Tia is apart of the first graduating class of University Prep at Margaret Milliones.

    Tia Winters Tia is the co-founder and director of Seven Wild Dreams, an organization designed for black girls and femmes to organize for just and inclusive educational spaces in Pittsburgh schools.

    In her free time, Tia also organizes for affordable housing.  She’s had a life-long relationship with the Hill District Consensus Group, remembering when her mother used to drag her to meetings as a young child to overhear discussions about new housing developments and displaced Hill District residents.  Fast forward to today, Tia’s first job after college was organizing for The Hill District Consensus Group and she still attends meeting occassionally.

    Tia holds a bachelor's degree in Business Administration from Robert Morris University.

    Built on community service, Tia, who still lives in the Hill District, knows that her family’s legacy includes community and family.  And for three generations, it was Pittsburgh Public Schools that provided the education.