• State of the District Feedback


    State of the District 2018 On September 18, 2018, Superintendent, Dr. Anthony Hamlet launched the 2018 State of the District report.  The report, presented to stakeholders at Pittsburgh CAPA 6-12, provided the audience an update on the District’s success, challenges, goals, and future plans since the release of its 2017-2022 Strategic Plan: Expect Great Things.  Following the initial State of the District (SOD) presentation, Dr. Hamlet shared the presentation across the city with various stakeholders.  In addition to learning about the State of the District, attendees participated in an engagement opportunity to provide input on five key areas that will enhance the District’s Strategic Plan. These areas include:  

    • Early Childhood Education  
    • Gifted Education  
    • Aligned Instructional Systems  
    • New Teacher Induction  
    • Job-Embedded Professional Development   

    These five key areas were explored and developed with the support of a working group formed by the Superintendent over the course of a six-month period. The working group included; District staff, representatives from the University of Pittsburgh, Chatham University, The Heinz Endowments, and the Grable Foundation. In partnership with the National Institute of School Leadership (NISL), working group members learned the nine building blocks for a world class education system by studying high-performing countries and educational systems within the United States.  Additionally, the District used the knowledge and skills of the working group to conduct research and planning on three areas required by the Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE) District Improvement Planning process. These areas are early childhood education, gifted education and new teacher induction. The PDE requires Pennsylvania school districts to post their District Improvement Plans on their website for thirty days to gain input from stakeholders prior to submission.  

    Aligned with Superintendent Hamlet’s strong belief in transparency and high-quality community engagement, Dr. Hamlet and his leadership and engagement team went beyond the PDE input requirement and held five community events open to the public and six special sessions with high school students, Parent Advisory Council (PAC) members, the Pittsburgh Federation of Teachers (PFT), Family and Community Engagement (FACE) staff, Principals and Central Office personnel. This engagement effort reached over 600 parents, students, teachers, District staff, and community leaders: which included members of the clergy, higher-education professionals and out of school time partners.  

    We've gathered the feedback into four main reports: