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  • Culinary Arts
  • The CTE Culinary Arts program provides fundamental skills needed for employment in the food service industry at entry level. Instructional components include but are not limited to safety and sanitation, use of small equipment and kitchen tools, recipe interpretation, nutrition, basic food identification and preparation. Students apply skills through the operation of an on-site café.

    Immersed in the culinary world, students master the use of food preparation equipment and tools, menu planning principles, effective communication, math calculations, safety and sanitation, workflow between dining room and kitchen operations, recipe conversions and more.

    CCAC Dual Enrollment Credits are available through this program.


    The Culinary Arts program is offered at the following schools:

    • Pittsburgh Carrick High School
    • Pittsburgh Westinghouse High School

    Certifications offered:

    • ServSafe (Food Manager)
    • ServSafe (Food Handler)
    • ServSafe (Food Allergen)
    • Safety and Pollution Prevention (S/P2) - Culinary Food Safety
    • Safety and Pollution Prevention (S/P2) - Culinary Workplace Safety
    • OSHA

    Competency Task List

    The Competency Task List, issued by the Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE), is a detailed list of the skills students must learn in each program of study.  When a student masters a competency task, the program instructor certifies this by placing their initials next to the task in the student’s Competency Task List Booklet.  This booklet is provided to each CTE student during the first year of the program.  The CTE instructor uses this booklet to keep track of the student’s progress.

    See the Culinary Arts Competency Task List.

    Students who are successful in the Culinary Arts program have the opportunity to earn FREE college credits, as part of this program of study.