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  • The CTE Cosmetology program prepares students to apply technical knowledge and skills related to experiences in a variety of beauty treatments including the care and beautification of the hair, complexion and hands. Instruction includes training in giving shampoos, rinses and scalp treatments; hair styling, setting, cutting, coloring, tinting and bleaching; permanent waving; facials; manicuring; and hand and arm massaging. Bacteriology, anatomy, hygiene, sanitation, salon management and customer relations are also covered.

    The program offers state-of-the-art salons and a high-quality, competency-based education that follows state and national standards.  Students are able to gain a complete understanding of the industry, including proper use of tools and equipment, hair styling techniques, spa services, and cosmetology law.

    Cosmetology students are eligible to earn the 1250 hours needed to obtain the Pennsylvania state cosmetology license.  Consistent attendance and compliance with the program's uniform requirements and other state standards are necessary for students to earn those hours.

    Once students earn 900 hours, they are eligible to take the state's Cosmetology exam (The CTE Division pays for the exam fee).  Students who pass the exam are issued a temporary Cosmetology license.  When the state receives proof that those exam passers have earned the remaining 350 hours (through CTE or through a post-secondary institution), they will receive a permanent Cosmetology license.

    Cosmetology is the only CTE program that accepts 9th grade students.

    The Cosmetology program is offered at the following schools:

    • Pittsburgh Perry High School
    • Pittsburgh Westinghouse High School

    Certifications offered:

    • Pennsylvania State Cosmetology License
    • Safety and Pollution Prevention (S/P2)
    • OSHA

    Competency Task List

    The Competency Task List, issued by the Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE), is a detailed list of the skills students must learn in each program of study.  When a student masters a competency task, the program instructor certifies this by placing their initials next to the task in the student’s Competency Task List Booklet.  This booklet is provided to each CTE student during the first year of the program.  The CTE instructor uses this booklet to keep track of the student’s progress.

    See the Cosmetology Competency Task List.