• Office of Research and Evaluation

    Every day important information is collected in the District. Online tools are used to collect enrollment and program data.  Academic information is gathered from online platforms and scanned bubble sheets, and outside organizations may provide us with data about our students, such as the College Board’s SAT results. The Office of Research and Evaluation plays a key role in making sure this information is used in accurate, secure, and responsible ways. 

    The office is responsible for responding to data, research, and evaluation requests and prepares summary reports, datafiles, and training resources that support different user needs. The office also works closely with other PPS departments to provide information and technical tools to drive better outcomes for all of our students.  

    Data Reporting
    The Office of Research and Evaluation has created data summary reports and supporting public presentations of information.  The office is also responsible for developing and maintaining interactive data dashboards that report on Key Performance Indicators identified by District leadership. 

    The Office of Research and Evaluation reviews all requests to conduct research in the district, from larger organizations hoping to establish research partnerships with the District to individuals conducting research as part of their educational or work experience. 

    Data Governance
    The Office of Research and Evaluation supports data governance policies, standards and procedures to protect and appropriately use student and staff data at all stages, from collection through destruction. A Data Governance Committee, co-chaired by the Director of Research and Evaluation and the Director of Data Warehousing and IT Operations, meets on a monthly basis to discuss research and data requests as well the vision for data governance within the District. This committee contains representatives from various departments within the District, including Human Resources, School Performance, Equity, Technology and Student Services. The committee is currently reviewing existing data governance activities within the District to address any weakness or gaps, and establishing written processes for data governance. The intent is to document the district data governance processes in a way that is transparent, protects students and staff, and is based on best practices.