• Office of Research and Evaluation

    The Office of Research and Evaluation is responsible for preparing and sharing data about Pittsburgh Public Schools (PPS) with those who need it. It is the office’s goal to provide information that can inform decision-making and lead to better outcomes for our students.

    If you are looking to find PPS data, please review the pages below to access existing reports, dashboards, and data files.

    If you would like to request data from PPS or apply to conduct a research study within PPS, please review the processes here.

    When sharing data, the office:

    • Prioritizes student privacy and assures all data transfers comply with the relevant laws and policies, most notably FERPA (Click here for more information on FERPA.)
    • Collaborates with requesters and partners to meet their needs
    • Asks that requesters are as specific as possible when requesting data
    • Asks that requesters provide an appropriate amount of time to review and complete the request